Adolescent and Family Services Differential Response Team Case Manager

Clinica Sierra Vista Bakersfield, CA
Clinica Sierra Vista currently operates comprehensive primary care community health centers in the rural and urban areas of Kern, Fresno, and Inyo Counties, located in California, encompassing several thousand square miles of farm land, desert, and mountain areas. Community health centers provide comprehensive primary and preventative health care, including medical, dental and behavioral health services, in areas where access to health care has historically been inadequate. Additionally, we operate multiple health education, prevention and case management programs providing a comprehensive array of health and human services. We serve primarily the low-income and uninsured population, including migrant farm workers, the homeless, and other special populations.

The Case Manager (CM) is responsible for implementing services specific to the program's target population as required by the Scope of Work or other contract requirements. The CM provides services to one or more of the following groups: individuals, families, students, youth groups, incarcerated youth, group homes, and/or parents. The CM assesses the needs of the program's target population and carries out activities specific to the program. These activities include, but not limited to, any of the following: outreach, case managements, health education, guidance counseling behavior modification, referrals, follow-up, and data tracking. The CM has the appropriate education, training, job experience, and/or equivalent experiences to operate both independently and as a team member to carry out program activities with minimal supervision.

Essential Functions:

* Responsible for providing program information regarding services specific to target population.

* Responsible for assessing needs specific to target population, either individually or as a group.

* Responsible for developing and implementing individual service plans or health education curriculum.

* Responsible for accurate, up-to-date records and other appropriate documentation and forms as specified by program requirements.

* Responsible for referrals and follow-ups when services are required by target population.

* Advocates for clients when there is a problem in the service delivery system.

* Provides guidance counseling and support to clients and families as needed.

* Responsible for meeting caseload and/or contact requirements specific to program.

* Prepares and delivers oral presentations to the public as assigned.

* Serves as liaison with other community agencies and schools.

Other Responsibilities:

* May be required to work at any site as needed.


* A.A., A.S. degree, or at least junior standing in a four year program, in a health, social science or related field.

* Additional work experience may be required for a specific program.

* Ability to work effectively, both independently and in a team setting with other paraprofessional and professional staff.

* Ability to maintain patient/client dignity and confidentiality.

* Bilingual (English/Spanish) may be required for some positions.

* Willingness to work non-regular hours as required.

* Good writing and verbal skills are required.

* Committed to the belief in health care with dignity for all, and that patients/clients have the right to health care information and participation in planning their own health care.