TX Juvenile Justice Programming Enrichment Specialist VISTA

Americorps Austin, TX
The Texas Juvenile Justice Department provides treatment services to youth who have chronic delinquency problems and who have exhausted their options in the county juvenile probation departments. Additionally, youth who have committed the most serious offenses requiring specialized treatment services that counties are not equipped to provide are also likely to be committed to TJJD. Often, people think of the juvenile system as a penal system similar to that of adults, but for children. While there are similarities between the two, there are also differences. The adult system focuses on public safety and punishment for criminal conduct. While public safety and holding juveniles accountable for their actions are certainly considerations, the juvenile correctional system places an emphasis on rehabilitation. Even when it is necessary to incarcerate youth, the setting is not punitive but rather is protective and designed to educate youth about discipline, values, and work ethics thus guiding them toward becoming productive citizens. TJJD serves as a critical last attempt to reach the most serious cases. The VISTA PROGRAMMING ENRICHMENT SPECIALIST will increase economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth returning to the community by strengthening organizational capacity to break destructive alliances with gangs by researching intervention strategies, develop pro-social leisure skills by developing an activities curriculum, create case management trainings, and rehabilitate criminal ways of coping in society, thus, empowering youth to break the cycle of generational poverty. Work alongside a juvenile corrections administrator to work towards closing agency gaps in case management and gang intervention services as identified through the Youth in Custody Practice Model, and develop a sustainable plan and curriculum for cultural enrichment and leisure skill activities that havetherapeutic value for incarcerated youth.

Terms :

Car recommended , Permits working at another job during off hours , Permits attendance at school during off hours . Service Areas :

Ex-Offender Reentry , Children/Youth , Education . Skills :

Social Services , Team Work , Teaching/Tutoring , Education , Leadership , Public Speaking , Writing/Editing , Communications , Community Organization , Youth Development , Counseling.