Platform Engineer - Embedded Systems

 Austin, TX

We are looking for a well-rounded Software Engineer with a focus on Embedded Linux to join the Orro Platform Team and lead efforts to develop features and infrastructure for both existing and new products. As a member of our small, customer-focused team, you will have a say in the direction of architecture, product, culture, and company. You will be asked to be a driver of key features contributing individually across our entire software stack, taking ownership of the product, engineering, testing, and release processes, and working with others to ship improvements and new features regularly.

We are a Product and Engineering company first, and we take pride in the fact that we design all elements of our products in-house with our team of mechanical, electrical, firmware, and software engineers. We let our products speak for themselves.

At Orro, we take a different approach for building products for the home. We focus on building world-class products that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives.

Our initial product, the Orro Switch, is the only fully-autonomous lighting solution on the market. Going well beyond “connected lighting“, the Orro Switch uses its array of onboard sensors and algorithms to determine the right amount of light to add to the room no matter the time of day. It is built upon a custom version of Android allowing us to add unique features over time, and it interfaces with a host of 3rd party devices and services to provide a compelling Smart Home experience.

This is a unique opportunity for a developer to own the development and management of our custom Linux environments running on custom hardware. The role entails leading all aspects of a customized Embedded Linux build and development process that can scale as the team/product grows. This includes designing and implementing solutions for a continuous integration process, merging updates and patches from upstream Linux distributions and hardware BSPs, creating and sending OTA updates to devices, and optimizing the Embedded Linux environment for performance on our hardware. You will work closely with software, firmware, and hardware teams to create a top-tier Linux experience. As the sole engineer owning this process, it's an opportunity to lay a strong foundation and own a key piece of our product experience.


  • Own the Embedded Linux codebase source keeping it up-to-date and optimized for running on our flagship devices
  • Work with Software, Firmware and Hardware teams to design, implement, deploy and test core-features of our products
  • Contribute to Build and CI processes ensuring smooth sailing during testing and releasing
  • Contribute across Firmware codebase for feature development and platform support as needed


  • HIgh Proficiency with C/C++
  • Extensive experience with Linux and/or Android platform driver development and debugging
  • Experience with bare metal and lightweight RTOS processor coding environments
  • Experience with scripting,dynamic languages like Python
  • Familiarity modifying SELinux, U-Boot, Kernel Drivers, Kernel Modules
  • Familiarity with modern statically typed languages like Rust, Kotlin,Golang, Swift
  • Familiarity with YOCTO Linux Distro Creation and Maintenance.
  • Familiarity with AOSP and Android framework internals (Sensor HAL, Recovery, Partitions, OTAs)
  • Experience with Docker development and server
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Experience working in a team environment and providing mentorship to other engineers

Even Better

  • Experience leading AOSP efforts for high-volume Linux / Android devices
  • Basic hardware bring-up and debugging experience using an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, multimeter
  • Experience with best practices for securing embedded systems and/or penetration testing
  • Personal experience with home automation products and/or technical hobby projects

Due to COVID-19, our team is currently working remotely with physical offices available on an as-needed basis (with proper safety protocols in place), and we have updated our hiring process to be fully-remote. We prefer candidates in the Austin metro area due to hardware logistics, but we are open to a full-time remote position for candidates with ample previous experience working with custom hardware and working remotely.