Monitoring Agent

TATA Consultancy Services Austin, TX

* Monitoring of live video using in-house tools and dashboard.

* Adjusting boundaries of events as content schedule shifts (events run long or short)

* Check email notifications for requests and updates from internal teams and vendors/providers.

* Address incoming email escalations.

* Monitor and maintain the Operations within SLAs.

* Manage escalations where appropriate.

* Contractor will perform "blackout services" for streaming/video items that need to be "disabled" within certain delivery areas. These items will be shared with Contractor by customer.

* Contractor will "disable" and "enable" viewing within certain areas as defined by customer processes and viewing restrictions.

* Contractor will monitor "disabled" activities and "enable" viewing once certain "restricted" activity is completed.

* Contractor will perform "bug triage services" for errors in streaming/video and metadata assets reported by testers.

* Contractor will dedupe, resolve, and/or route bugs of various natures that are filed by testers.

* Contractor will locate/correct missing metadata and assets for entities using tools provided by customer.

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