Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

Buckner Retirement Austin, TX
Position Summary

Responsible for the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Unit through coordinating resident care management and staff direction and by providing direct nursing care to residents.

* Insure that the individual service plan in followed; administers or supervises treatments prescribed by physician.

* Make meaningful rounds of all residents, utilizing service plans; make rounds with physicians and records visits on charts.

* Administer all intramuscular, sub-cutaneous injections; perform all in-house testing procedures; take and record vital signs.

* Document acute episodes or significant changes in resident status.

* Supervise aides in the performance of their duties by monitoring their work; assign aides to residents – specifying break times and special duties to be completed, including activities.

* Work with Activity Director, DON , and Nurse Aides in carrying out the activities program.

* Meet with DON as needed and participate in staff meetings to keep staff performing at optimum level.

* Receive or place calls to physicians and follow through with physician's orders.

* Handle the preparation and administration of prescribed medications.

* Order all new medications and refills; administer all medications and chart same.

* Monitor condition of medication room, cart, and refrigerator.

* Chart on his/her shift in accordance with facility policy, state guidelines and residents status.

* Supervise serving of prescribed diets and fluid intake; report persistent unresolved problems to the physician and/or DON or appropriate discipline.

* Timely and accurately prepare incident reports.

* Timely and accurately complete admission assessments and appropriate discharge documentation.

* Maintain compliance with all Buckner policies, procedures and requirements. Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements.


* Requires basic understanding of a specialized area of knowledge normally acquired through four years of high school.

* Requires graduation from an accredited school of nursing.

* Must hold current Texas licensure as licensed vocational nurse. Completes and/or meets training, certification required by Buckner and State.

Job Requirements

* Knowledge of general nursing theory and practice, including basic knowledge related to nursing, such as drugs, biological, physical, social, and medical sciences, and their application required. Working knowledge of infection control, universal precautions and OSHA standards required.

* Knowledge of principles and methods involved in in-service instruction of nursing and auxiliary personnel, in demonstrating techniques and methods of patient-care services, and instruction of resident's needs required.

* Requires familiarity with medical diagnoses, procedures, and accepted medical treatment patterns; knowledge of procedures and techniques necessary to administer medication and treatment as prescribed by physician; knowledge of medications and possible side effects.

* Requires ability to recognize differences in sound, such as voices/noises that are loud and playful instead of angry and combative.

* Requires ability to exercise independent judgment under broad nursing case guidelines. Exercises initiative, patience, tact, and confidentiality; demonstrates administrative and leadership ability; ability to analyze and evaluate objectively. Works under little direct supervision

* Requires ability to keep somewhat detailed records and prepare routine reports.

* Requires ability to follow and adhere to all Buckner and regulatory body requirements.

* Proficient working knowledge and ability to accurately and timely operate and perform computer related tasks with specific equipment and software applications required.

* Requires commitment to Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally.