Histology Supervisor
University of Colorado
 Aurora, CO
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Position Description

University of Colorado Denver lAnschutz Medical Campus

School of Medicine | Departmentof Pathology

Histology Supervisor (HealthCare Principal Professional)

Position #684955 – Requisition 13622

The Department of Pathology hasan opening for a full-time, University Staff (unclassified) HistologySupervisor (Health Care Principal Professional) position.

TheUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus ranks among the top institutionsnationally in clinical care, education and research. Its 230-acre campus,designed to enhance collaboration and interprofessional education, hosts theCollege of Nursing; the Schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine, Pharmacy, andPublic Health; the Graduate School; a Health Sciences Library; and twohospitals. Strategically located contiguous to the campus are a biosciencesresearch park and the soon-to-be-completed Veterans Hospital. CU Anschutzoffers two undergraduate degrees, 35 graduate degrees, and fivefirst-professional programs. More than 4,000 students learn alongside facultymembers who also make meaningful medical discoveries and provide expertclinical care through 1.5 million patient-visits annually. A hub for researchand innovation, CU Anschutz receives over $400 million in research awards eachyear and has filed 1,300 patent applications and formed 53 new companies since2002. Read CU Anschutz Quick Facts here.

Job Summary:

TheHistology Supervisor is responsible for the management of operations within thehistology section under the supervision of the Surgical Pathology MedicalDirector. Knowledge of financialmanagement, LEAN laboratory concepts, CAP compliance, quality/risk managementprograms and conflict resolution methods are required in combination with anexceptional level of technical experience. This position requires knowledge of published standard histologyprotocols and the ability to validate new methodologies as standards change inthe field. The applicant must have expert knowledge of frozen sectioning,tissue processing/embedding, microtomy, routine H&E stain, specialstaining, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridizationprocedures.

Thisposition will manage equipment maintenance, tracking and ordering supplies,cleaning and organizing of work stations, disposal of biological/chemicalwaste. This role must adhere to alldepartmental and regulatory policies and procedures, as well as establish andmaintain positive relationships with vendors to negotiate competitive pricingfor reagent and equipment purchases. This Histology Supervisor will be responsible for the recruitment ofhighly qualified histology staff and all subsequent training and ongoingperformance evaluation.

Thisposition is directly responsible for the supervision, training, recruitment andmentoring of all Histology staff (3 Senior Histotechnologist, 6 Histologists, 1Lab Technician).

Examples ofWork Performed:

  • Manages the day to day operations of the histology laboratories forclinical, research, and esoteric work.
  • Directs and supervises the accurate and timely preparation of histologyslides.
  • Define work priorities, staff schedules, assures coverage for laboratoryprocedures, provides periodic review and training on new techniques andassesses efficiencies of staff productiveness.
  • Formulates and maintains the laboratory quality managementprocedures.
  • Implements and instructs all staff in quality improvement initiatives andprocedures.
  • Prepares for accreditation and licensing agency inspections.
  • Maintains quality of laboratory work complying with University, State,and Federal and accreditation (i.e. CAP) standards.
  • Insures that all staff receives required training and certifications asrequired.
  • Identifies areas of risk given regulatory requirements and works towardscompliance.
  • Supervises and coordinates personnel matters for Histology. Includes position establishment, recruitment,affirmative action, hiring, termination processes and annual staff performanceevaluations.
  • Facilitates and promotes staffdevelopment and training.
  • Supervises and/or provides recommendations for unit purchasingactivities, including capital purchases, building renovation and spaceacquisition.
  • Works with laboratory personnel to develop, revise and implement newpreparatory and staining techniques.
  • Updates policy and procedures under the direction of the MedicalDirector. Benchmarks the workperformance of laboratory.
  • Troubleshoots problem areas and works to maintain high quality in allfacets of the laboratory production.
  • Works with pathologists to assure quality and usefulness of preparationsfor use by other technicians and professional in the laboratory.
  • Perform administrative clerical functions related to histology, includingquarterly and annual reports.
  • Maintain communication with Medical and Administrative Directors Ensureall histology staff have all required laboratory training.
  • Provide continuing education for all histology personnel.
  • Work the hours needed to maintain lab quality.
  • Maintain positive working relationships and lab harmony.
  • Complete all UCD required training and compliance courses.
  • Makes tissue processing decisions in the course of a power outage ormechanical breakdown of equipment. Thisposition must also make decisions about who and when to call in the event ofmechanical malfunction or maintenance.
  • Provides direct patient care support and positive actions result incorrect and timely information to the attending clinic physician for patienttreatment. The Histology lab must rununder all regulatory and safety guidelines. If it does not then patient care could be compromised which could resultin a misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and/or law suit. If incorrect or improperequipment is purchased then the histology lab may not operate effectively orefficiently. Errors are potentiallydevastating to the patient as a lost specimen, mix up of specimens, incorrectspecimen sampling or any number of other errors may result in inability toprovide diagnostic information for patients or an inaccurate diagnosis.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidateswill be responsible for travel expenses related to the interview process andany relocation expenses, if applicable.

Salaryand Benefits:

The hiring salary for this position is commensurate with skills and experience. Thisposition is not eligible for overtime compensation.

The University of Colorado offers a full benefits package.

The Universityof Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus isdedicated to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff,students and visitors. To assist in achieving that goal, we conduct backgroundinvestigations for all prospective employees.

The Universityof Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus iscommitted to recruiting and supporting a diverse student body, faculty andadministrative staff. The university strives to promote a culture ofinclusiveness, respect, communication and understanding. We encourageapplications from women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and allveterans. The University of Colorado is committed to diversity and equality ineducation and employment.


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college oruniversity in the Biological Sciences or related field.
  • Four (4) years' of experience in Histology andImmunohistochemistry Supervision.

Substitution: Acombination of education and related technical/paraprofessional experience maybe substituted for the bachelor's degree on a year-for-year basis, but not thespecific experience.

SpecialNecessary Qualification: Valid HTL and QIHC ASCP certificates.

Conditionsof Employment: Must be willing and able to…

  • Lift/push/pull up to 50 lbs.
  • Work in an environment that may expose you to fumes,chemicals, liquid nitrogen, extreme cold, blood/body fluids, and infectiousdisease.
  • Frequently wash hands, as biohazardous materials maybe present.
  • Sit and stand for long periods of time, frequentlywalk, and bend/stoop, as well as execute repetitive motions.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment when handlingbiological samples and hazardous chemicals.
  • Work with complex and sharp laboratory equipment,and various chemical and biological solutions.
  • Work within a high-level secured facility.


  • Seven (7) or more years of experience in Histologyand Immunohistochemistry Supervision.
  • Master's degree from an accredited college oruniversity in Biological Sciences or other related field.
  • Teaching experience (Histology, Professionaltraining Medical Students, Residents).

Competencies/Knowledge,Skills and Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of all Histologist and HistologyLaboratory Assistant duties.
  • Ability to make personnel, processing and policydecisions and communicate those decisions effectively to both superiors andemployees.
  • Ability to make decisions regarding contactingclinicians, pathologists and residents if problems occur which requireescalation.
  • Ability to make decisions regarding the tissueprocessing of all specimens, including assessing the quality of slides and stainsfor pathologist review.
  • Ability to troubleshoot tissue processing and tissuestaining irregularities.
  • Ability to make decisions regarding specimens whichwere not processed in a timely manner and advise clinicians of issues.
  • Ability to make appropriate decisions on whatprocedures and protocols to use for all specimens received and who to consultwhen this is not clear.
  • Internal/external communications are frequent amongcoworkers, and various Pathology staff (doctors, residents, clinicians, nurses,transcriptionist, etc.). Specimens arereceived from internal and external sources, so both types of communicationoccur often. The purpose is to discusspolicies, procedures, problems, upgrades, etc… with internal staffmembers.
  • External communication would occur with referringphysicians, vendors and potential clients. The Histology environment ispotentially hazardous and precautions must be taken while in the lab. Theactivity within the room is at a high level with as many as 6-8 individualsworking in the same general area simultaneously. Great attention to detail isneeded as specimens arrive constantly and cannot be mixed up, misplaced, orun-necessarily delayed.
  • Knowledgeable and proficient in the use of routineand advanced histological equipment.
  • Ability to effectively negotiate equipment purchasesand material contracts.
  • Solid computer skills.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching, communicationand working well with others.