Step IT Up Coach

 Atlanta, GA

Temporary position for a Performance Coach for Step IT Up. Atlanta Metro area preferred but not mandatory. Hybrid work model. The Coach is expected to perform three roles - Mentor, Trainer and Manager for Step IT Up cohorts. The Coach is the point of contact for all apprentice/trainees as well as liaison with Technical Trainer as well as Client(s) sponsoring training.


1. Mentor

o Mentor the participants. Ensure that they are ready post-graduation to fulfill client requirements and meet the demands of their project assignment

o Identify and correct participants who do not align with company values and/or not able to scale up to the expectations of company projects.

o Share real life experience as well as help participants relate their sessions and the topics with their future role(s) in projects

o Guide the participants in the right direction, encourage self-learning and encourage them to arrive at solutions and alternate responses on their own, without directly providing them with the answers.

o Introduce initiatives that they deem as value-additions to both the participants and the program

o Provide feedback to participants and receive feedback from participants at an individual level and group level

2. Trainer (The coach is expected to train the participants in soft skills)

o Assess the soft skill training requirement and create a gap analysis

o Customize the available content to suit the needs of the batch and the client

o Train the participants in essential soft skills required for becoming productive once they complete the program.

  • Assess the participants after the training, and provide remedial measures for those requiring special attention

3. Manager

  • Manage operations of the program to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Ensure that the learning time is optimally used by the trainer and others
  • Ensure that all training sessions are conducted in a productive manner
  • Ensure that assessments are run at the scheduled times
  • Coordinate lunch and learns along with mentoring sessions
  • Ensure that scores, curriculum and progress reports are available to all students
  • Collect and study feedback from projects or any other stakeholders and identify areas of improvements
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the client partner
  • Address failing scores and implement performance improvement plans, when necessary
  • Require extra training sessions, when necessary
  • Manage HR requirements and issues as they arise; partner with HR team, when necessary
  • Plan and execute a graduation after each program completion
  • Support post-graduation activities

Skills and Qualification requirements

Must be passionate about coaching and mentoring

Should have knowledge and experience in an IT services industry (around 3-5 years)

Experienced trainer in soft skills (2 to 3 years)

Knowledge about adult learning principles

Excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal relationship skills

Genuine desire to develop others and see others succeed

Passionate about the cause of Step IT Up

BA Degree (Humanities or management topics like Psychology, Organizational behavior, Human

resources etc.)