Senior Associate

Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA

Summary Description: Provides medical care to patients in a hospital emergency department. Examines, evaluates, and treats patients with emergent medical conditions, illnesses or injuries. Must be able to intubate patients and to provide cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Demonstrated ability to manage 8 or 9-hour day, evening, and night shifts. Maintains a monthly clinical load of 121-130 hours. Must work weekdays and weekends.

Minimum Qualifications: Georgia Medical License, graduation from an American Board of Emergency Medicine-certified residency training program, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification, hospital privileges at Grady Memorial and Emory Healthcare Hospitals, and an appointment to the Faculty of the Emory University School of Medicine.

Key Responsibilities:

1) Provide high quality patient care in one or more of the program's affiliated emergency departments.

2) Participate in medical staff activity, department QA, or other service at one of the programs affiliated hospitals under the direction of the ED director of that hospital.

3) Supervise all medical students and housestaff assigned to the department (or zone in the Grady ECC), including discussing case management, supervising evaluations and major procedures, approving utilization of specialty consultants as well as diagnostic and therapeutic technology, approving dispositions, and signing all charts.

4) Actively engage in bedside teaching through work rounds, supervised exams and procedures, discussion of differential diagnoses, and other methods.

5) Insure that all emergency medical care delivered in the department (or zone) meets a high standard of quality. The attending physician in the department is ultimately responsible for all care given in the ED during her/his shift.

6) Regularly participate in resident's conference as a presenter and discussant.

7) Facilitate the career development of EM housestaff through professional support.

8) Enhance program excellence through revision of policies, updating manuals, preparing high quality educational programs, writing technical or professional publications, medical student teaching, and participating in collaborative research.

9) Maintain professional skills and an appropriate fund of knowledge through continuing medical education.

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