Resident Advisor

CHRIS Kids Atlanta, GA

Program Overview

CHRIS 180 JourneyZ Program provides 24 hour care for adolescents who need this level of care due to complex emotional and behavioral issues. The programs provide stabilization, behavioral support, education around daily living skills, recreational and therapeutic activities, educational linkage and support, case management and coordination of care. JourneyZ provides a family involved, trauma informed, and strengths-based approach to care within residential communities in the Atlanta area.

Resident Advisor Position Description

Direct care of children and/or adolescents in placement with a wide range of responsibility for documentation, program activities, child supervision and safety skills. Because of the life experiences and trauma histories that our residents bring to their placement here, staff must not only provide adequate safety and supervision, but must be actively engaged in the process of building relationships, understanding and solving problems as part of a team, and must offer energy, safety and commitment in their work with our residents through genuine, caring and empathetic engagement. The programs support family treatment and involvement. Providing facilitation, supervision, and support for visits and family connections with parents, relatives and other significant people in the life of our youth.

This position provides supervision to residents/member as well as administrative responsibilities around incident reporting, case notes and medical appointments. Primary duties include but are not limited to the following:

Provide positive role-modeling to consumers/clients/members/residents

o Promote self-esteem

o Promote healthy boundaries

o Promote good hygiene and appropriate personal appearance among youth and young adults

o Reinforce socially acceptable behaviors (ex: manners, eating habits, safety)

o Teach and reinforce thoughtful decision making

Assessing residents history of trauma, strengths and needs

o Administer Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) as directed

o Aware of ACE score and implications on service planning

o Assist in developing and monitoring Individualized Service Plans and Life Skills plans

o Assist in administering SFSS

Coordinating Services and Collaboration

o Make necessary referrals to meet consumer's health, well-being, education, mental health, and employment needs (i.e. Department of Public Health, Department of Family & Children Services, Georgia Department of Labor, employment staffing agencies, local colleges and tech schools, etc.)

o Participate in Team Meetings for all residents.

o Collaborate and communicate with other programs in the CHRIS 180 continuum in the provision of services to consumers

o Collaborate and consult with other providers and entities in the provision of best care services to consumers

o Monitor the provision of services provided, including medical and behavioral health services

Specific services to consumers

o Provide a safe, nurturing, consistent and caring atmosphere for youth who reside in the homes

o Support the consistent rhythms and routines of the home

o Responsible for communication with school environment, attending IEP meetings as assigned and tracking attendance, grades and assignments in the parent portal.

o Transport youth when necessary

o Care for program facilities and equipment: organizing, cleaning, sanitizing. Household tasks and duties as assigned, or as needed, to promote a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

o Cook balanced, healthy meals for youth and provide life skills training and supervision re: menu planning and cooking

o Assure safety in the home by conducting room inspections, securing potentially hazardous equipment and/or cleaning products

o Assure residents safety in the home by monitoring youth interactions, remaining mindfully attuned to escalating emotions, intervening with calming and de-escalation interventions and strategies to diffuse interpersonal tensions.

o As a last resort safely implements MindSet restraint techniques to prevent harm.

o Support routines of youth through assisting and supervising wake-up, bedtime, personal care routines, completion of chores and laundry, meals, meal preparation, recreational activities, homework supervision and assistance

o Maintain awareness of each youth's history of trauma, developmental age, medications, strengths, skills and abilities and use such information to guide interactions and interventions with resident.

o Plan and actively participate in activities to support and increase skills and competencies

o Engage residents in planning activities whenever reasonable to do so.

o Work as part of a team to identify needs and strategies to meet those needs. Implement identified strategies for youth to insure needs are met.

o Work with the on-call supervisory structure in order to assure safety for the home, residents and staff after hours

o Prepare balanced, nutritious meals for residents and staff, involving the residents as appropriate to developmental age

o Assure medical and behavioral health needs are met in a timely and efficient fashion

o Aware of current safety plan for all residents and able to implement

o Assist House Supervisor and Lead staff in meeting needs of residents and home by shopping, collaboratively planning menus, attending meetings and maintaining communication with all stakeholders.

Documentation Requirements

o Document significant incidents in the KaleidaCare MIS before end of shift

o Document all medical and dental appointments in the KaleidaCare system

o Record appointments and visits within the GA Score PBC database

o Document changes in DFCS case managers for residents in the GA Score system

o Document life skills groups in K-Care

o Document visits, meetings and court dates as case notes in K-Care

o Maintain the files/charts on each child while in the home

o Review medication administration record weekly for accuracy

Performance and Conduct

o Maintain confidentiality of consumer information

o Maintain appropriate professional boundaries

o Works on other duties, tasks and projects as assigned.

o Ensures agency compliance with National Council on Accreditation and other mandatory regulations/standards.

o Lives and works by the CHRIS 180 Values and Code of Ethics

o Follow mandated reporting requirements of GA Code

o Support and maintain an environment of emotional and physical safety for consumers, staff and other stakeholders at all times

Demonstrate customer service

o Promote positive image of CHRIS 180 programs at all times

o Work as a contributing and collaborative team member

o Respond to consumer and peer needs in a timely fashion

o Answer telephone calls and emails accordingly

o Respond to requests for information from stakeholders in a timely fashion

o Work with parents, education professionals, DFCS and DJJ workers, court officials and other stakeholders and a helpful and professional manner

Maintain Personal Information and Training

o Attend and participate in staff meetings as scheduled

o Attend and participate in required trainings as scheduled

o Maintain required certifications

o Review, understand and responsible to program policies

o Provide documents in a timely fashion to Human Resources

o Report changes in status to HR as required by policy


The Resident Advisor must be at least 25 years of age, possess a college degree, two years experience (with college degree) and OR a high school diploma and 7-10 years of experience and a contiguous 10 year work experience history or be able to explain gap in employment history. Must be proficient with office productivity software such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Must have experience using simple databases.

Reports to: House Supervisor

Exemption Status/Requirements: Part-time and Full-time/Non-Exempt

Pay Rate: $12.00 per hour