Realty Specialist

Department Of Transportation Atlanta, GA
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Serve as a Realty Specialist for the Eastern Logistics Service Area. Real Estate Group.

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This position is a Realty Specialist performing a full range of real property acquisition, management, and disposal duties in support of the National Aerospace System. Functions include the following:

* Providing support to requiring organizations in defining and analyzing requirements including exploring viable options;

* Complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, policies and procedures in the FAA Acquisition Management System (AMS), in applicable laws, or in other governing regulations, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation;

* Negotiating, acquiring, administering, disposing, and/or executing the condemnation of real estate and utility contracts and transactions;

* Planning and estimating budgets for customers; and

* Performing related project planning including preparing timelines for completion of the project.

The incumbent may serve as a warranted Real Estate Contracting Officer (RECO).The initial dollar limit for RECO warrant is typically $1 Million. It can be adjusted incrementally to an unlimited dollar amount. The incumbent may exercise signature authority for other actions such as interdepartmental agreements with other U.S. government agencies or with state or local governments. Works independently to perform most assignments and has contact with a wide variety of personnel both within and external to the organization.

Provides assistance and support to the customer in defining requirements and submitting requisitions and similar requirements documentation:

* Reviews real property draft acquisition requests to determine validity and adequacy, by assisting customers in defining requirements, drafting or revising specifications, exploring options for lease or purchase and otherwise correcting deficiencies in acquisition requests.

* Conducts feasibility studies, market analyses, and appraisal reviews to determine fair market value of desired properties.

* Performs title searches, researches environmental issues, and performs similar reviews to advise customers on concerns and alternatives.

Acquires real property:

* Prepares acquisition plan to include determining acquisition strategy.

* Uses direct purchase, condemnation, like exchange, interdepartmental transfer, interdepartmental agreement, donation, and/or lease.

* Obtains appraisal for purchase by contracted appraiser.

* Conducts and gathers market survey information.

* Negotiates and signs property acquisition leases and agreements on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Manages real property:

* Negotiates and awards utilities contracts for electricity, gas, water and sewer service and resolves utility issues.

* Reviews real property inventory to identify excess property, alternatives uses, required maintenance, and similar issues.

* Provides information to be entered into the real property inventory of the Real Estate Management System (REMS).

* Approves and signs changes and modifications to lease or purchase contracts.

* May dispose of real property

* Negotiates, prepares, and signs Out-Grants to lease or to give easement on U.S. government real property in exchange for revenue.

Prepares responses to inquiries and assists the Real Property and Utilities Group Manager, supervisors, or senior specialists in responding to more complex oral and written inquiries including Congressional and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, protests, claims against the U.S. government, and similar inquires.

Travel Required

Occasional travel - The job may require travel from time- to-time, but not on a regular basis. The travel may be for training or other work-related duties.

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1170 Realty

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Help Requirements Conditions of Employment

* US Citizenship is required.

* Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.

* Successful completion of a background investigation.


FV-H: Qualified applicants must have at least 1 year (52 weeks) of Specialized Experience. To qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to FG/GS-11 or FV-G in the Federal Service. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Specialized experience may include but not limited to: Experience which involves acquiring, managing and disposing of real property or experience performing tasks involving researching or applying environmental laws and regulations to land management, including real property acquisition, management and disposal.

Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Targeted Disabilities Appointment: You must provide proof of disability documentation (i.e. Schedule A Letter) that:

* May be a letter or other documentation on official stationery/letterhead with an official signature.

* Clearly states that you are eligible for appointment under the PWD/PWTD hiring authority or a Schedule A appointment authority as outlined in 5 CFR Section 213.3102(u).

* Does not need to detail the specific disability, medical history, or need for accommodation.


There is no education substitution for work experience for grade levels FV-H and above, actual work experience is required.

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