Customer Care Representative

Cox Enterprises Atlanta, GA
''The Customer Care Coordinator/Representative (CCC) entails being the primary customer support for our contact-center. Success in this position requires that the CCC is able to work independently with little to no supervision to provide immediate availability, be professional, provide documentation within our systems and be knowledgeable of Manheim's products and services. The CCC is empowered to make decisions that will eliminate impedance for our customers to buy cars. This empowerment requires the CCC to be confident in both the knowledge of the business as well as Manheim's product offerings.

The position demands outstanding reliability and follow-through and requires excellent communication skills including telephone and active listening skills, efficient problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, the ability type and talk at the same time, delegate effectively, and excellent organizational skills. The ideal candidate will be a highly self- motivated individual who can work well with little to no supervision and is a reliable, knowledgeable, resourceful, flexible, service-oriented professional.

The CCC will partner with all parties informed of the status of open issues and will work closely with escalation partners to identify, document and monitor any and all exceptions to the standard processes to create a list of best practices.

Problem Resolution: A big part of maintaining the relationships with existing customers includes problem solving by the CCC, including consulting with dealers and educating them about Manheim Digital / In-Lane and ancillary partners. Part of this process will include identifying, assessing and resolving these issues and determining who needs communication on these issues, including central functions such as IT or Product, or any such Manheim Partners.

Responsiveness: The CCC will provide responsive, timely telephone, chat and email support. The CCC shall personally act as the single, point-of-contact for their issues from identification through resolution as often as possible (i.e. take the call and handle internally vs. transfer or provide other contacts). In addition, the CCC will also oversee/monitor the resolution to all problems, regardless of delegation to other departments.


High School Diploma or GED required; College degree or equivalent experience preferred

Minimum 2 years of contact center experience

Travel- Infrequent, but must have flexibility

Schedule- Must have flexibility to work evenings, weekends, holidays as required

Ability to multi-task and prioritize required. Ability to handle multiple projects/task at a time

Understand foundational levels of computers and technology; internet, email

Excellent oral and written communication skills, particularly on a phone or email context

Experience working in a contact center metric driven environment