Corporate Governance Paralegal

Munich Re Atlanta, GA
Other Responsibilities:

* Schedule of board and committee meetings for (i) Munich American Reassurance Company, (ii) Munich American Life Reinsurance Company, and (iii) America Life Reinsurance Company and assist in preparation of materials for board and committee meetings. Prepare unanimous consent resolutions for board or committee action when necessary, and coordinate executions of such resolutions.

* Develop, maintain, and control document retention program for the Legal Department. The document retention program should also include a filing system for the Legal Department.

* Maintain inventory of all of the company's binding legal obligations such as leases, vendor contracts, and confidentiality agreements. This responsibility does not include maintaining a list of all binding reinsurance treaties.

* Assist attorneys in the Legal Department in due diligence efforts related to potential business opportunities for the company.

* Maintain flexibility in the position as there will be occasions where there is a need to handle sudden or unexpected tasks which do not fit within any specific description.

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