Aviation Safety Inspector (Operations) (Fleet Training Program Manager)

Department Of Transportation Atlanta, GA
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The Fleet Training Program Manager (FTPM) serves as the primary operations interface between the training center, its training center evaluators (TCEs), ground/flight instructors and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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FTPM Position will be assigned to the Cirrus Training Center and the FlightSafety International, Inc. training center certificates as determined by management.

Assures and reports to the TCPM that the training center continuously meets the standards prescribed by the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), agency orders, and directives and assures compliance in all aspects of training through the use of a planned surveillance and inspection program on a continuing basis.

Assigned as a Team Lead to one of various work groups to complete additional duties pertaining to oversight of the centers. Monitors TCEs to determine adequacy and quality of approved training programs. Reviews flight training equipment discrepancy logs to assure compliance with established criteria. Assists the National Simulator Program Manager in initial and recurring qualifications of flight simulators and selected flight training devices.

Coordinates with Principal Operations Inspectors throughout the FAA who are assigned air carrier operators using the training center to ensure proper application of training programs for the particular air carrier involved. Coordinates with Training Center Program Managers regarding regulatory changes, FAA policy matters, and updated training requirements as needed. Coordinates and conducts various surveillance and certification activities, as appropriate, with other FAA district office inspectors.

Reviews and submits with recommendations, training center certificate applications, training center curriculum, and associated revisions. Recommends amendments to previously approved programs when contrary to existing regulatory requirements, to eliminate unsafe practices or to improve the specificity of instruction. Determines appropriate methods and/or plans for securing corrective action, when needed, and conducts follow-up inspections to insure that appropriate action has been taken. Recommends the designation of TCEs for types of aircraft and simulators operated by the training center. Examines TCEs for initial designation, recertification and standardization actions as necessary. Conducts practical tests for certification and ratings. Develops and conducts a surveillance program for specified training center activities. Monitors flight crew training programs conducted by the training center to ensure compliance with the FAR, national and regional directives, and safe operating practices. Monitors TCEs during the conduct of airman certification and recurring evaluations to insure strict compliance with established standards.

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50% or less - The job may require up to 50% travel.

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1825 Aviation Safety

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* Requirements

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* US Citizenship is required.

* Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.

* Must submit an SF50 (See Required Documents)

* Designated or Random Drug Testing required.

* Some, all, or none of the candidates may be interviewed.

* Bargaining Unit: Yes

* Promotion Potential: No

* Ingrade/Downgrade applications will be accepted.



General Requirements:

* Not more than two separate incidents involving Federal Aviation regulations violations in the last 5 years

* Valid State driver's license

* Fluency in the English language

* No chemical dependencies or drug abuse that could interfere with job performance, and

* High School diploma or equivalent.

Medical Requirements for All Positions: Applicants must be physically able to perform the duties of the Aviation Safety Inspector position in a safe and efficient manner, with or without a reasonable accommodation. The minimum medical requirements include the following requirements:

* Have good distant vision in each eye and be able to read, without strain, printed materials the size of typewritten characters (glasses and contact lenses permitted);

* Have the ability to hear the conversational voice (hearing aid permitted); And

* Not have any physical condition that would cause them to be a hazard to themselves or others or that would interfere with their ability to fly as passengers in a variety of aircraft.

In addition, applicants for positions that require participation in the operation of aircraft must:

* Possess a valid second - class medical certificate in accordance with FAA regulations; And

* Pass recurrent medical examinations as prescribed by the FAA.

This position can be filled by the following Aviation Safety Inspector Specialties Air Carrier Operations or General Aviation Operations


1. Valid, unexpired Flight Instructor Certificate with single and multi-engine airplane and instrument airplane ratings. Must have given a minimum of 200 hours of flight instruction in an aircraft.

2. Professional flying skill as demonstrated in a flight check to Commercial Pilot Certificate with an instrument rating;

3. Possession of Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument airplane rating.

4. Minimum of 100 flight hours within the last 3 years.

5. Minimum of 1,500 total flight hours.

6. Possession of single and multi-engine land airplane ratings.

7. Not more than 2 flying accidents in the last 5 years in which the applicant's pilot error was involved.

8. Possession of a valid second-class FAA medical certificate.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE To qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to FV-I, FG/GS-13 in the Federal Service. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Specialized experience may include but not limited to: Experience assisting, conducting, or performing various technical functions related to certification, surveillance, investigation, and enforcement activities. Additional experience may be in investigating and reporting on accidents, incidents, and violations.


* At least 1 year of pilot experience in multi-engine aircraft of more than 12,500 pounds maximum certificated takeoff weight;

* Not more than 2 flying accidents during the last 5 years in which the applicant's pilot error was involved;

* Professional flying skill as demonstrated in a simulator check to Airline Transport Pilot Standard;

* Minimum 100 flight hours during the last 3 years;

* Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument airplane rating;

* Possession of a valid second-class FAA medical certificate; and

* Minimum 1,500 total flight hours.



CERTIFICATES AND RATINGS: FOR OPERATIONS: Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument airplane ratings.

In addition to the minimum qualifications, the following has been determined to be a selective factor for this position. This means possession of this criterion is part of the minimum qualifications and is essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position. Applicants who do not possess this criterion are ineligible for further consideration.

* Be eligible for an unrestricted type rating in a multi engine turbojet or turboprop aircraft in accordance with 14 CFR Part 61.64.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that your work experience supports your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) answers. Your answers and associated work experience will be evaluated further to validate whether the answers that you selected are appropriate.


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