LifePoint Health Athens, TN
Job Description Starr Regional Medical Center

C.N.A. / Nurse Tech / Asst - Gero Psych - FT - Night Shift - position available.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

* Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of CNA's procedures, tasks, duties, and responsibilities according to established policies and procedures.

* Prepare residents for meals setting up assigned resident and resident's tray; assists in feeding residents who require being fed; positions residents to avoid choking and promote ease in eating; distributes water and nourishments according to resident's needs; encourages dietary intake as necessary.

* Promptly answer residents call lights (whether that of assigned resident or not), anticipates resident's needs checking with residents regularly; prepares and toilets residents as needed demonstrating cooperative attitude when assisting residents.

* Maintain dignity and confidentiality of the resident; serves as resident's advocate at all times, knocking on resident's doors before entering room.

* Dress assigned residents properly making sure they are clean and dry at all times.

* Complete all resident care activities by end of shift. Responsible for completion of all assignments without reducing quality of performance.

* Regularly ambulate residents assigned demonstrating proper techniques and provides Range of Motion exercised as required.

* Turn and position residents as ordered and/or needed ensuring no rough surfaces are in direct contact with resident; assesses for reddened areas or skin breakdown.

* Recognize legal responsibilities in providing resident care; consistently demonstrates awareness of resident's rights.

* Perform nursing care ensuring cleanliness, good grooming and comfort; follows bath schedule, shaving all male residents assigned; performs bed baths as necessary; provides nail/foot care as required.

* Provide comfort by positioning, extra bathing, straightening linens, placing personal articles within reach; and is courteous and responsible to resident's needs.

* Demonstrate familiarity with required C.N.A. duties and performs them accurately in accordance with departmental policies and procedures; knows how to operate all applicable equipment.

* Demonstrate complete knowledge of body mechanics to avoid injury to self, resident, or co-worker. Uses safety and care in transferring, lifting, walking and exercising residents.

* Recognize unsafe acts or conditions taking immediate action about them. Reports unsafe acts or conditions to appropriate personnel.

* Demonstrate knowledge of emergency, fire, and disaster drill procedures

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