Grill Cook Part Time

Buehler's Grocery Ashland, OH


The Grill Cook is responsible for producing wholesome, attractive plated foods in a timely fashion for the restaurant customers as ordered. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for and is your single most important function. It takes priority over all other daily duties. This includes: Keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot as outlined by sanitation regulations. Produces other products for the deli, restaurant and catering as assigned with a minimum amount of waste and maximizing productivity. Strictly serves only safe wholesome foods.

Job Duties:

Monitors food temperatures to insure chilled foods and hot foods are kept out of the danger zone by regularly checking temperatures with a calibrated thermometer. There is a proper portion size for every item that is made. Follow portioning exactly as outlined in the menu specs. Follow established organizing, cleaning and sanitizing practices as outlined by your manager, including using latex gloves or other methods to insure not touching ready-to-eat foods. Maintains a proper level of food products on and near the line to insure timely cooking of orders. Freshness of food is very important. You play a key roll in freshness. Mark all products with made-on or opened-on date as well as a use-by date and your initials. Maximizing productivity involves helping in other areas of the restaurant, kitchen and deli as needed, which may include answering the phone, helping with salad bar, dish machine and prep work. Completes cleaning and sanitizing duties as outlined by your Manager. Is knowledgeable of the proper use of all equipment, and practices proper setting up and closing of the hot line. Other duties as assigned.