Mental Health Associate - Weekends Only

Universal Health Services Ashland City, TN

Working at UHS

UHS givesexceptional people the opportunity to work where technology is makingvaluable advancements in healthcare. The professionalism and drive ofour employees are the most important factors in the quality ofservice UHS provides.

Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) isone of the nation's largest and most respected health caremanagement companies, operating through its subsidiaries acute carehospitals, behavioral health facilities and ambulatory centersnationwide. Founded in 1978, UHS subsidiaries now have more than65,000 employees. Our success comes from a responsive managementstyle and a service philosophy based on integrity, competence andcompassion.

Working at Oak Plains Academy

Oak Plains Academy is a comprehensive and highly structured 90-bedresidential treatment center located on 25 acres of rolling hills inAshland City, Tennessee. Oak Plains provides psychiatric andneurological treatment services for males and females, ages 5-17, whohave significant history of emotional or behavioral issues. Theclinical programs at Oak Plains Academy have been designed to addressthe needs of children and adolescents with a primary psychiatric/neurological diagnosis. Residents receive an individualized treatmentplan, geared to meet their personal needs. A professional tem ofpsychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, nurses, andteachers work closely with each resident to assist them to achievethere therapeutic and education goals.


Providesroutine non-acute physical care, participatory supervision, educationand evaluation of program services, patient and milieu underdirection of licensed staff.

Bachelor'sdegree in Psychology, Sociology, Education or related field or atechnical degree in areas of allied health.


Minimum of45 credit hours (3 semesters) completed in continuing undergraduatestudy in Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, Counseling or related fieldor completion of a related vocational/technical degree program plusone year recent related experience.


High SchoolDiploma plus two years experience in the area of mental health withdemonstrable competence in required knowledge and responsibilities.Certain skills and experiences may serve as meeting positionrequirements with managerial approval.

Must demonstratecompetence in obtaining, and/or recording general body appearance andmental status, general admission information and explaining thePatient Rights and responsibilities to all new patients.

Must maintain certifications in CPR/AED, First Aid and Handle withCare.

Must obtain F endorsement or commercial licenses withinthe first 90 days of hire.

Must demonstrate basic knowledge ofemotional and mental health and disease concepts including thedisease of addiction. Must have clear communication/interactionskills and demonstrate competency in facilitating therapeutic groups.

Physical Demands: Moderate to heavy. Satisfactory health,strength and stamina to meet the physical, mental and emotionaldemands and stressors that position requires: walking, running,standing, lifting, irregular working hours, and assisting with therestraint

This position requires use of "Handle withCare" protective hold procedures as a last resort for protectionof residents and staff.

Followsprogram schedule/milieu with minimal supervision. Follows programrules and guidelines and ensures residents compliance with same.

Promotes the development and safety of the residents; throughfollowing the TF-CBT PRAC skills process by; 1. Safety First 2.Determine the trigger, and feeling 3. Identify coping skills. Remainalert at all times, by using forethought to anticipate potentiallyunsafe situations.

Completes timely and accurate documentationof resident's behavior.

Attends and completes allscheduled in-services and trainings as required.

Practices goodhandwriting techniques, follows Universal Precautions. Alertssupervisors to risk management and quality concerns.

Assessesand ensures the needs of the residents are being met in relation toclothing, linens, and personal hygiene supplies. Supervisesresidents' personal hygiene tasks.

Escorts residents tomealtime, outdoor/indoor recreation, educational activities andparticipates in their supervision and instruction as needed.Transports residents to and from medical appointments or other offcampus activities when needed.

Displays consistency and ispositive in interactions with others, to include exhibiting apositive role model for residents and fellow employees. Acceptsconstructive criticism and suggestions in a positive manner.Maintains safe boundaries with residents and co-workers, uses selfdisclosure appropriately.

Willingly accepts additionalresponsibilities outside routine job functions.

Have necessarymaterials available to conduct psycho education groups. Begin and endall scheduled activities on time. Convey pertinent information timelyand clearly to Unit Manager / Lead MHA.

Provides appropriatecrises intervention by anticipating and responding quickly toescalating behaviors. Utilize verbal de-escalation techniques toaddress disruptive and/or dangerous behaviors. When necessary as alast resort staff will utilize techniques taught in the Handle withCare training.

Use active listening skills and appropriate toneand volume of voice, while offering a variety of positive copingskills. Always provide positive reinforcements, maintainingappropriate boundaries and promoting a positive peer culture amongresidents. Staff will utilize tools in the TF-CBT tool box to helpthe resident regain control of their behaviors.

Assurescleanliness and orderliness of the assigned work area/unit andproactively assist in all security, maintenance, and safety functionsas required for the overall facility.

Supervisesresident/student search(s) as required.

Participates in therotating call out schedule.

Dresses appropriately according tothe Personal Appearance Policy.

Performs additional duties asassigned by the Unit Manager, Lead MHA, Director of ResidentialServices, or other administrative persons.

Demonstrate allService Excellence Standards and Principles.

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