Critical Environment Technician
Quality Technology Services
 Ashburn, VA

The Critical Environment Technician is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, piping equipment, machinery and controls located in the interior and exterior of building. This role monitors operations and conducts a routine and ongoing assessment of the building systems operations and performance. This role performs tests, rounds and analyzes data to ensure the proper functioning of departmental equipment.This specific CET role will need to be technically sound in the Electrical or HVAC aspect of critical environments like data center, hospital or Navy Nuclear trained individuals.

RESPONSIBILITIES - Other duties may be assigned

  • Lead, maintains, monitors, and performs preventive maintenance on all equipment including, but not limited to, refrigeration, heat exchanger, HVAC, electrical, emergency backup systems and hot water systems; monitors operation, adjusts, and maintains refrigeration, chilled water, and air conditioning equipment; boilers, and ventilating and hot water heaters; pumps, valves, piping and filters; other mechanical and electrical equipment; record readings and make adjustments where necessary to ensure proper operation of equipment.
  • Install and repair plumbing/piping/tubing; wire single and three phase motors (single & two speed) run conduit; pull wiring to machinery, motors, operating parts, etc.; install and rebuild pumps and motors; install and rebuild air compressors; heat exchangers; replace bearings in all types of motors; replace seals on pumps; install and repair piping, valves, filters, hot water systems and associated controls; assist other mechanics and engineers with major repairs and maintenance of building and equipment. Install, repair, and maintain electrical controls, switching and motor controls.
  • Receives work order for Preventative and Corrective maintenance on critical systems and building physical structure. Consult with LOE or supervisor to order necessary mats to complete all maintenance and perform necessary work.
  • Finalize work orders by completing necessary documentation.
  • Operates and monitors critical and non-critical system equipment and components. Oversees CEWA work efforts (including 3rd party contractors) for the safe and compliant operation, maintenance (corrective and preventive), and modification of critical equipment.
  • Disables and enables fire alarm control panels and systems.
  • Respond immediately to emergency situations (fire, evacuation, equipment failure, etc.) and customer concerns.
  • As qualified, perform Building Management System Console operations.
  • Comply with departmental policy for the safe storage, usage, and disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Maintain a clean and safe workplace.


  • One or more years of experience in the data centers environment or equivalent experience
  • Technical college degree, Military, or workplace equivalency (2+ years)
  • Electrical and Mechanical courses and hands on training, CET Level I courses in year 1


  • Two or more years of experience in the data centers environment or equivalent experience
  • Currently involved in apprenticeship subject area: Electrical, Mechanical, CPR, AED
  • QTS certification CET Level I certification or equivalent


  • Exceptional customer service
  • Ability to analyze the operation of various systems, determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required
  • Ability to manage complex situations during off management hours - single point of contact
  • Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to function in a team environment
  • The ability to pass job-related skills assessments based on pre-determined scoring criteria and time frames
  • The ability to acquire and apply job-related knowledge within set guidelines and expectations.
  • Position may involve frequent typing, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, bending, reaching and lifting.
  • Lifting requirements may range from