Innovation Research Associate

 Arlington, VA

Innovators on the ground are developing innovative approaches to address systemic racism in the housing market.

To understand the most promising innovations in this emerging field, the pressing barriers and the greatest opportunities for action, the Economic Architecture Project (EAP) is embarking on a mapping project grounded in interviews with the pioneers in the field.

With an initial focus on alternative models in North America and Europe, we will use a targeted approach that leverages the widespread judgement of Ashoka’s global networks of innovators and their organizations, as well as their supporters and partners. This offers: innovative models, depth of knowledge, and a network of expert nominators.

The Innovation Research Assistant will be an active member of our team who contributes to our core work in mapping structural innovations in an emergent field. He or she will also work across a growing set of interviews with diverse stakeholders in the field to help spot emergent patterns and pull out high-level insights.

Learning Objectives

You will have an opportunity to engage directly with leading social entrepreneurs in the Ashoka network as well as thought leaders in the field.

You will have an opportunity to learn a variety of knowledge management skills such as stakeholder analysis of top leaders and innovators, semi-structured interviews, data collection, tracking emergent patterns, and general research support.


  • Engage in reflective team discussions and independent analysis of interviews and research findings as the project evolves
  • Coordinate scheduling and directly participate in interviews with social entrepreneurs and thought leaders
  • Contribute to collection and management of data
  • Desktop research different models and key players in the space