Engineering Technician Level (IV) (8787-023)

The Louis Berger Group Inc Annapolis, MD
Louis Berger is seeking an Engineering Technician (IV) to support construction projects at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. The contractor role is to assist NAVFAC Washington field offices on matters relating to Construction Quality Assurance and Project Management on projects assigned to the individual. Louis Berger's Engineering Technician shall be able to perform the following Tasks/Services:

* Functions as a team member on assigned construction projects. Represents the FEAD/ ROICC at the construction site and monitors the construction Contractor Quality Control (CQC) to assure they are achieving quality work.

* Assists Construction Managers in coordination and construction of projects. Attends and participates in all construction and CQC meetings.

* Monitor construction contractor performance for compliance with approved safety plan and established safety procedures. Assures job Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) has been prepared, reviewed, and accepted prior to preparatory inspection.

* Monitor and notify Project Superintendent or QC Manager and Government Staff immediately of safety violations. Notify the Government Construction Manager (CM), Contracting Officer (KO), and the FEAD/ROICC if the Contractor does not correct a hazardous working condition or a continuing safety issue in a timely or acceptable manner. Report all accidents immediately to the Construction Manager, FEAD/ROICC office and Contracting Officers.

* Reviews construction plans and specifications, has a thorough knowledge of the construction contract requirements on each definable feature of work and recommends changes or corrective action as necessary.

* Investigates/inspects/performs Quality Assurance of the construction contract/CQC system and coordinates resolution of technical problems. Prepare an inspection report each day the site is visited and QA activities are performed.

* Ensure that the construction contractor maintains control over the project site until the facility is transferred to the Client by DD Form 1354, Transfer and Acquisition of Military Real Property. Site control includes site access, safety, cleanliness and security.

* Prepares briefings and correspondence when requested by the FEAD/ROICC/CM.

* Assure that the construction contractor and all of his subcontractors comply with inspection requirements, schedules and control methods, perform required tests, and ensure the CQC system is effective.

* Interprets contract documents and determines whether construction meets contract requirements. In the case of defective poor workmanship and/or noncompliance with the construction contract documents, the incumbent will report concerns to the CM, FEAD/ROICC and the KO for resolution.

* Recommends changes in designs, specifications and schedules to accommodate conditions at the construction site or to expedite construction. Reviews contractor's submittal's for compliance with contract documents and coordinates with other project team members.

* Assures that contractor's Quality Control reports and test results are timely and reviews them for accuracy and/or completeness and maintains records of the CQC reports.

* Reviews and verifies that all requests for progress payments accurately represent work satisfactorily completed by the construction contractor. Review the updated construction progress schedule with the progress payment to verify the schedule is accurate and, if necessary, identify corrective action to regain schedule.

* Schedule and conduct joint pre-final and final inspections of the work to ensure construction is free of any contract deficiencies. Maintain a status listing of any deficiencies outstanding at the time of turnover. Monitor correction of deficiencies.

* Provide input to the CM concerning the construction contractor's performance at the end of the project in a written and signed report. The report shall specify the contractor's performance in maintaining schedule, quality and degree of overall effectiveness.

Required Experience

The successful candidate will have the following:

* A minimum of 10-year experience as an engineering technician, superintendent or QC Manager.

* Thoroughly familiar with QC inspection tools, techniques and methodologies

* Knowledge of principles of construction technology and construction industry practices

* Knowledge and experience with applicable Codes and Industry Standards

* Knowledge of EM 385-1-1, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Safety and Health Requirements Manual.

* Ability to prepare cost estimates and assist in negotiations of change orders when requested.

* Ability to communicate effectively through oral and written presentations.

* Ability to take measurements and estimate construction progress.

* Ability to interpret plans and specifications.

* Strong knowledge of computer operations and software applications such as MS office (Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point), construction management software (Newforma, Prolog).

EEO/AA/M/F/Vet/Disability Employer

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