Bakehouse Night Assistant Pastry Manager

Zingerman's Ann Arbor, MI
Zingerman's Bakehouse is looking for a skilled pastry baker and production manager who is interested in a leadership role in our nationally known artisanal bakery. Join our Pastry management team to do innovative baking and management work!

The Assistant Pastry Manager (Evening Shift 4 pm -2 am) will work with the support of a management team including the Pastry Department Head Manager, a co-assistant evening manager, a night supervisor, and 2 day supervisors. The department has a total of 30 staff members.

The Pastry Department Evening Shift includes three distinct areas:

* Baking -- The Evening Pastry Kitchen produces all of our laminated pastries, our other morning pastries and many of our more delicate desserts. It is responsible for the baking of our pies, cooking and scones.

* Packaging -- Many of our pastry items are sold packaged. This work is done each evening by hand and with the use of two packaging machines.

* Sorting -- All of the products being delivered to our wholesale customers are sorted by customer in perparation for our delivery team.

What are the requirements and skills needed for this job?


* Most Bakehouse managers work 45-50 hours per week over five days.

* Ability to work from 4pm-2am

* Weekend and Holiday availability

* Full availability in November and December (we don't take any extra time off during these months)

Performance Expectations - Essential Functions:

* Shift Management: This is a hands on management role. The co- assistant evening managers work together with a team of bakers to successfully execute the nightly baking, meeting food quality and time expectations.

* Scheduling: Write the weekly schedule for the staff of 15 people meeting labor goals.

* Staff development: Participate in the hiring of staff, perfrom on shift training and support their development.

* Performance Management: Provide on shift and written performance feedback. Write performance reviews.

* Manage Food Cost

* Maintain and Improve Food Quality

* Annual Planning: Annually, with the management team, create a set of goals and a budget with the management team. Work together to achieve these goals and to track the department's progress.

* Bakehouse Management: Participate in the management of Zingerman's Bakehouse by participating in bi-weekly management meetings and monthly financial meetings (huddles)

Physical Demands:

* Able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly during an 8 - 10 hour shift

* Comfortable standing, lifting and bending for duration of an 8 - 10 hour shift

* Comfortable with repetitive motion

Success Patterns & Desired Characteristics:

* Minimum of 3-5 years professional baking experience

* At least one year supervisory experience

* Strong time management and organizational skills

* Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

* Thrives in a high pace, multi-focused environment with strict time goals

* Passionate about great pastries and great service

* Loves Systems and Organization -- Maintaining, Improving and Creating Them

* Knowledgeable about food safety laws

* Works well in a team/collaborative environment

* Likes to improve and innovate

Who are we?

Zingerman's Bakehouse is a wholesale bakery, retail shop, and baking school for home bakers. We sell to specialty food stores, cafs and restaurants in southeastern Michigan as well as selling to Zingerman's Mail Order, who ships our baked goods everywhere in the United States. We are dedicated bakers and food lovers committed to making and selling the best breads, pastries and cakes we can imagine. We are real artisan bakers, meaning we use traditional methods and flavorful ingredient to make our food.

Where are we?

Zingerman's Bakehouse is located on the south side of Ann Arbor at 3711 Plaza Drive. While there is a bus stop within walking distance, the Bakehouse is NOT located on AATA bus route.

Who are we hiring?

Zingerman's Bakehouse is hiring an Assistant Pastry Manager to work in our nationally known artisanal bakery.

What does the job pay?

Minimum Starting Salary: $40,000. Negotiable depending on experience

Are there any benefits or perks?

* Biannual Performance Bonus worth potentially $1500 every 6 months.

* Company contribution to health insurance (for full time crew out of basic orientation)

* 401k match (for full time crew out of basic orientation)

* Free BAKE! classes

* A free loaf of bread for every day worked

* 65% discount on our pastries, no limit for hourly employees. Managers receive a $750.00 pastry allowance annually.

* Discounts at other Zingerman's businesses (for all crew out of basic orientation)

* Paid training

* Paid lunch breaks

* $1 sandwiches and/or salad made on site for employee lunch

* 25% reimbursement on any massage

What's the hiring process like?

You can expect to hear from us within two weeks of submitting your application either by email or phone. If selected, you may receive a phone interview, an in-person interview, and/or a trial shift (working interview). From there, you will hear from us to either offer you a position or let you know we are moving forward with other candidates. Our goal is to keep you informed along the way!

Application must be complete to be considered for position