Technician I, Network OSP

Purpose of the Technician I, Network OSP Position: Responsible for system wide oversight and quality control of network analysis, headend and outside plant (OSP) maintenance and integrity, technical leadership of outside plant maintenance, personnel, and all relevant reporting to top management.

Essential Duties of the Position:

* System wide OSP maintenance, system outage repairs, underground cable locates and all relevant reporting requirements for all wireless, coaxial, fiber optic metro, splicing & fiber, and long-haul plant facilities.

* Quality control and oversight for wireless, coaxial, fiber optic metro and long haul system testing, documenting and relevant reporting

* On site verification of OSP integrity, including coaxial, fiber optic and long-haul fiber.

* Knowledge of NEC, NESC, OSHA, FCC rules and regulation and CATV facilities

* Knowledge of Electronic fundamentals and mathematical skills

* Proficient use of computer and industry specific programs track signal leakage, outages, system monitoring, etc.

* Provide outside plant assistance and training to less experience system field personnel

* Regional Travel throughout the state of Alaska

* Elevation work using areal trucks, industrial-grade ladders, or structural fixed straight ladders.

* Performs system corrective and preventative maintenance, system outage repairs and all relevant reporting requirements for all cellular, fiber, coaxial and copper outside plant facilities.

* Performs coaxial splicing and system testing, documenting and relevant reporting; primarily cumulative signal leakage tests, repairs and equipment calibration, and system sweep from head-end to customer at this level.

* "On Site" verification of OSP integrity; primarily underground cable locates.

Additional Job Requirements: This is an entry level position for the Network OSP technician. Must have a basic understanding of telecommunications, installation, modifications, and test procedures. Ability to execute basic equipment installation, test and turn up with minimal supervision.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Working knowledge of and ability to accurately interpret and apply NEC, NESC, OSHA, FCC and company rules and regulations.

* Basic knowledge of fiber optics, analog and digital signal transmissions, and outside plant construction practices.

* Basic knowledge of signal leakage maintenance and requirements, coaxial cable splicing and cable facility locating, outage restoration, system design calculations, forward and reverse path activation and maintenance.

* Knowledge of basic electronic fundamentals and mathematical skills.

* Basic knowledge of voice, data, baseband and optical signal delivery.

* Working knowledge in the operation of equipment such as SLM, VOM, TDR, Locators, and Leakage Detection equipment.

* Demonstrated ability to accurately calculate signal losses and amplification from headend to house.

* Analytical skills: demonstrated ability to accurately read, interpret/evaluate and apply/implement information from system maps, equipment readings, test parameters, construction and design work orders. Demonstrated ability to synthesize multiple pieces of technical information to develop timely solutions to system plant problems. Must be able to expeditiously route and navigate, accurately reading system and city maps/grids.

* Communications skills: must be able to articulate technical information clearly and concisely in written and electronic follow-up reports and work orders regarding system damages and outages; complete written route sheets. Verbally communicate technical information to customers, contractors, utility workers, fellow employees and the public in an effective manner commensurate with their level of understanding.

* Interpersonal skills: demonstrated ability to develop and maintain positive rapport with customers, vendors, contractors, utilities, agencies, etc. Ability to promote teamwork and encourage a professional, courteous work ethic.

* Computer skills: basic knowledge of Excel, MS Word, and industry specific programs that track signal leakage, outages, system monitoring, etc.

* Familiar with cable modem systems to include any OTN interface devices, troubleshooting techniques and monitoring.

* Minimum of two years' experience telecommunications technical field or equivalent telecommunications outside plant experience.

* High School diploma or equivalent required.

* Associates Degree in electronics, telecommunications trade school, or equivalent training preferred.

* Industry specific certifications are highly valued and may contribute toward eduation.

* Certifications & Successful Course Completion requirement: Within one year of hire the following certifications & successful course completion will be required.

* SCTE BDS – Broadband Distribution Specialist Certification

Physical Requirements:

* Works at elevation using aerial trucks, industrial-grade portable ladders or structural fixed straight ladders. Must utilize fall protection gear as required by company policy. Regularly will lift and carry up to 50 pounds of equipment; on occasion when using extension ladders, be able to lift and carry 75 pounds.

* Flexibility and strength to climb wooden utility poles and work at elevation using required fall protection gear and spiked faffs as required by company policy.

* Maneuvering/lifting office equipment, paperwork, materials, and/or supplies of up to 20 pound loads occasionally, less weight more frequently.

* When performing work in the field, walking, crawling, bending, stooping and kneeling on varied surfaces such as roofs and in trenches often hampered by weather elements.

* Daily office tasks frequently involve operation of standard office equipment (phone, faz, standing, walking, bending stooping, reaching, grasping, pushing, pulling, lifting, repetitive motions, talking, haring and seeing

* Frequent computer information retrieval and keyboard manipulation, typically by sight, sounds and/or touch.

* Daily maneuvering office workplace, typically sitting, standing, walking, climbing steps.

* Clarity of vision at every distance with good depth perception and ability to distinguish colors routinely for driving and performing/evaluating field work.

* Good hearing, capable of distinction between equipment signals and the human voice often amidst background noises such as wind, rain, and traffic.

* Typical weather conditions common to Alaska and its seasonal climates.

* May be subject to adverse weather and driving conditions when in the field.

* Worksites may be obstructed by weather and/or debris, heavy equipment, power lines, and other utility operations may be present.

* Office work can involve long hours at computer screen and terminal; coordination by telephone and/or email with developers, contractors, and other utilities.

* Must be able and willing to work flexible hours including, but not limited to, weekends, holidays, and evenings.

* Some air travel required to other systems and/or remote projects; may require travel in small engine planes and/or use of RVs and ATVs.

* The company and its subsidiaries operate in a 24/7 environment providing critical services to Alaskans and may need to respond to public health and safety matters or other business emergencies.

* Due to business needs employees may be contacted outside of the normal business hours to respond to the immediate emergency.

Special Conditions may apply:

* Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid Alyeska badge.

* Must be able to obtain and maintain an Alyeska TL-1 (or comparable) key.

* Must be able to obtain within 60 days of hire and maintain a pole climbing certification.

* Must be able to access the Military Bases

* This position also requires that the employee provide and wear the appropriate footwear. (Puncture resistant with toe protection; a one inch heel is also required for Pole climbing.)

* As a commercial driver, you may be required to submit a copy of your medical examiner's certificate (MEC) (also called medical or DOT card).

* Employee is subject to alcohol and drug testing requirements as defined by DOT and/or non-DOT contract specifications, including but not limited to: pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty, and follow-up testing

Working Conditions: Technician may be subject to adverse weather and driving conditions. Work involves heights up to 40 feet on poles, ladders, and aerial trucks and equipment. Work performed below overhead construction and in trenches to 10 feet in depth. Tasks performed around high power electrical conductors and gas lines. Work areas can be cramped, dark, dusty, damp, wet, stuffy, sticky, smelly, hot and/or cold. Technician may encounter unrestrained animals/pets.

Must be able and willing to work flexible hours including, but not limited to, overtime, on-call, and/or additional time on weekends, holidays, evenings, before or after normal shift hours. Work will require extended periods of travel sometimes with short notification, to systems within the region(s).

GCI and its subsidiaries operate in a 24/7 environment providing critical services to Alaskans and may need to respond to public health and safety matters or other business emergencies. Due to business needs employees may be contacted outside of the normal business hours to respond to the immediate emergency. You will be requested to provide an emergency after hours contact numbers.

Driving Requirements (if applicable): Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a satisfactory driving record. Must be able to drive, as use of personal vehicle for transportation between various company facilities throughout the state of Alaska is required.

GCI is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or another characteristic protected by law.

Revised 8/2017