Sales Marketing Coordinator
Pulse Solutions
 Anaheim, CA

Our company has been on the rise due to our entrepreneurial-based sales and marketing team that continuously helps new brands evolve and established brands thrive. Our sales and marketing team is based around our entry-level Sales and Marketing Coordinators who streamline and engage our customer base which results in immense loyalty. Our customer base is constantly growing due to the relationships established by our Sales and Marketing Coordinators and our client portfolio is also expanding to keep up with their competition. Now, we find ourselves in the exciting growth and professional development that leads us to hire and training one more entry-level Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

The entry-level Sales and Marketing Coordinator is responsible for various different roles and wear many different hats throughout their career. Initially, the Sales & Marketing Coordinator will start off learning the fundamentals of how to market and develop our clients brand, the basic sales tactics we use to promote them, how to successfully submit our daily sales trackers, and most importantly how to build a professional long-lasting relationship with the potential customer.

Once the entry-level Sales and Marketing Coordinator solidifies their knowledge with the core of the position, they will now take on a more integrative role and will be responsible for the following:

  • Leadership and team development within the firm.
  • Problem-solving day to day brand marketing sales components.
  • Coordinate and run marketing and sales meetings that are campaign or office-specific.
  • Study and learn client compliance protocols and assist with cross-training.
  • Stay current on new product offerings and promotional specials for the clients.
  • Maintain a strong network of individuals who are proficient in various clients.

Desired Skills and Knowledge:

  • The ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize without managerial supervision
  • The ability to travel locally to meet with customers face to face and open to the opportunity of traveling nationally to help the branch and our clients expand
  • A customer service, sales, retail, or hospitality background has shown to be a proven asset to our company and personal success
  • The ability and willingness to work full-time with optional nights and/or weekends for extended campaigns

Salary: $48,000 - $56,000