USFS Public Services Resource Assistant

MobilizeGreen Alturas, CA
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In partnership with Region 5 of the US Forest Service, MobilizeGreen is seeking a Public Services Resourse Assistant intern to work on the Modoc National Forest. The intern will be located at the Supervisors Office in Alturas, CA, and will report to the Forest Engineer/Public Services Staff Officer. Work at the Modoc will involve a unique opportunity to assist with various programs including recreation, lands, special uses, minerals, and engineering. The intern will have opportunities to work with various staff and crews across the forest and ranger districts, and assist with projects across the 1.65 million acre Forest.

Term: Full-time (40 hours per week) for 26 weeks, starting mid-June 2018.


* $500/wk living stipend

* 2-year non-competitive hiring certificate (upon successful completion of at least 960 hours)

* Hands-on training and experience

Duties & Responsibilities:

* Assist with developed recreation management, including campgrounds, day use facilities, and trails. Will be exposed to drinking water systems operation, interacting with visitors and sharing information, facility maintenance, host and volunteer coordination, and improvement projects for accessibility. Help maintain recreation facilities such as toilets, road closure gates, hand pumps, water systems, picnic tables, fire rings, barriers, dumpsters and other miscellaneous structures.

* Assist the forest with special uses program management, including answering customer questions, coordinating basic authorizations with line officers and resource specialists, and relaying information for technical support from adjacent forests and the regional office.

* Assist with minerals program management, including permit activity field inspections, determining stockpile quantities and development opportunities, and general visitor interaction.

* Wear a uniform during field work and provide a presence on the forest. Help identify or correct unsafe conditions, answer visitor inquiries, report vandalism and other anti-social behavior, gather current information recreation opportunities, and prevent theft of Forest resources and their destruction resulting from carelessness with fire.

* Identify road maintenance concerns from field visits and relay information (location, photos, descriptions, etc) for engineering follow-up.

* Accompany the road crew to help with projects, working alongside heavy equipment and providing labor support. Install signs and help maintain road features such as cattle guards, culverts and other drainage structures. Clear roadside brush.

* Accompany the facility maintenance worker to assist with periodic facilities repairs and maintenance that requires 2 people.

* Meet contractors and provide basic inspection for services prior to recommending payment. Help ensure good use of taxpayer money for expenditures.

* Help develop and pursue partnerships, grants, and outside funding opportunities to increase Forest capacity.

* Coordinate with supervisor to identify opportunities for improving efficiency with modern technologies.


* Housing will be provided. The Alturas barracks are located approximately 1 mile from the Supervisors Office duty station. This is a basic quarters with bed, full kitchen, living area, TV + DVD player, shared bathroom + shower. There is no internet, however Alturas has good cell coverage including Verizon. The barracks are considered walking distance to the office (1 miles) as well as basic services including restaurants, shops, and a Rite Aid. There are 2 grocery markets in town, approximately 1.5 miles and 2 miles from the barracks.

* Vehicle will be provided as needed for work assignments.

* Radio will be provided.

* Work station and computer will be provided.

* Tools and mobile devices will be provided as needed.

Work Environment:

A variety of field and office work is required, and the intern must be capable of moderate physical activity including carrying tools and equipment up to 50lbs, hiking several miles to trail project sites, driving on rough and bumpy 4WD routes, and being on their feet for hours at a time.


* Intern will be expected to obtain a government drivers license and frequently drive throughout the Forest with a government vehicle. Experience with 4x4 vehicles recommended.

* Must have common sense and be safety oriented.

* Experience with hand tools and facility repairs.

* Experience with power equipment such as weed whackers.

* Personable with strong written and oral communications skills intern will help develop letters, documents, and also interact with the public to convey information about the Forest.

* Experience with GPS and/or mobile device data collection.

* Map reading and navigation skills.

* Ideally educational background in one or more of the following: public services, recreation, minerals & geology, engineering, surveying, lands and real estate, natural resource interpretive services, forestry.

Other Requirements:

* S. Citizen

* Valid Driver's License

* Background check

To apply, please submit:

* Resume

* Statement of interest for position and why you would be a good fit

* 3 professional references