Dishwasher - Marzoni's

Hoss's Steak and Sea House Altoona, PA

Department: Operations (Kitchen, Dish Area)

Reports to: Kitchen/Dish Supervisor, Manager

Status: Hourly

Job Purpose: Work in an efficient manner to produce quality product

by following Marzoni's recipes and procedure standards

Essential Job Results

1. Ensure proper sanitation

by properly cleaning all dishes, glasses, bar ware, pots, pans, utensils, silverware, and dish area

2. Consistency

by constantly executing the same correct procedures

3. Be a crew/team member

by helping co-workers and restaurant in any situation

4. Communication

by effectively communicating with co-workers/supervisors/managers

5. Professional demeanor

by remaining professional in all situations or areas of the restaurant

6. Improve knowledge of product and procedures

7. Time Management

by using time at work in an efficient and effective manner to complete duties of designated job