Cook - Marzoni's

Hoss's Steak and Sea House Altoona, PA

Status: Non Exempt Hourly

Supervisor: Kitchen Supervisor (Direct Supervisor) or Shift Manager

Job Classification: Cook

Position Summary

Entry level training to moderate skill level position. Employee produces meals using all kitchen equipment within Marzoni's quality, service, and safety guidelines.

Age Requirement: 16 years old.


Required: None.

Preferred: Other cooking experience or training.

General Description

* Knowing menu and products.

* Preparing food according to Marzoni's recipes and quality standards.

* Stocking food items.

* Cleaning and maintaining equipment.

* Maintaining proper sanitation control of products.

* Complying with Marzoni's standard of quality.

* Complying with Marzoni's safety standards.

* Complying with Marzoni's dress code.

* Interacting with guests and purveyors in a courteous, professional way.

* Working as a team member with the kitchen staff and other Marzoni's personnel.

* Performing other duties as assigned or directed