Supv-Design Engineering

PPL Corporation Allentown, PA
Develop responsibility center plans and goals and oversee the completion.

Oversee development of manpower and dollar resource plans and allocations.

Review and approve procedures, calculations, reports, and other documents.

Promote teamwork through integrated planning and coordination of process improvements.

Maintain operational focus within the group by work prioritization, providing expectations, and delivering high quality products.

Supervision of direct reports including coaching, counseling, performance monitoring, barrier removal, and championing of employee concerns.

In-person supervision of employees to ensure compliance with FLSA wage and hour issues as well as to monitor compliance with safety rules.

Physical presence in the office/on-site to engage in face-to-face interaction and coordination of work among direct reports and co-workers.

May be assigned an Electric Utilities emergency and storm role. This is a special assignment that comes into play during storms and other emergencies when the company needs to restore power or respond to other issues affecting customer service. This role may necessitate the need to work after-hours, outside of your normal schedule.