Regional Facilities Manager- Mid Atlantic Region
Jonathan Rose Companies
 Alexandria, VA

Requisition Number: REGIO01850

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Ability to lead building renovation projects not to exceed $1 Million, with a focus on non-toxic materials and energy efficient systems, including determining system and product specifications, devising and managing the project budget, bidding and negotiating subcontractor contracts, outlining the overall project schedule, coordinating the day to day logistics, focused completion of punch list, permitting and sign-offs, systems testing and start-up, staff training on new systems.
  • Involved in the overall building operations of a multi-family portfolio, achieving best in class operations while always seeking greater cost and operational efficiencies, including: Annual operating budgets, 5 year cap ex plans, staffing plans, operational plans outlining the weekly, monthly and annual maintenance activities; Maintenance contracts, power purchase agreements, ability to plan long-term yet able to troubleshoot as needed, high housekeeping expectations, work orders.
  • Staff training including base building systems, environmental best practices, energy efficiency and on-going career development.
  • Dedication to supporting a high standard of living via curbside appeal, health and safety, indoor air quality and comfort, well-kept common areas and attentive to in unit work.
  • Monitors through yearly inspections and daily review of various documents, compliance with maintenance standards and company policies and procedures. Communicates with operations teams frequently any concerns related to community management and maintenance operations.
  • Participates in budget review with RM/ROMs, providing opinions and documentation as to maintenance needs and projects that require attention during the upcoming year that include anticipated costs. Participates in the creation and updating of five-year capital expenditure planning.
  • Oversees the bid package once received from the properties and reviews all final bid tabulation reports for completeness, competitiveness, applicability and compliance with the project specifications. Reviews the recommended contractor, ensures that the selected contractor or supplier can complete the project and has the experience and resources to do so on time and on budget. Supervises that reference checks are made on any selected and unknown contractor.
  • Works directly with Procurement Department to create value, both financial and other value to each project.