Junior Brand Manager
Pulse Solutions
 Alexandria, VA

We place today’s top brands in the spotlight of their industry. The Junior Brand Management team uses optimized strategies to drive customer excitement and always provides a thorough follow through to ensure the customers are appeased. Brand visibility is a guarantee with our firm due to the illimitable one-on-one, hands on training our Junior Brand Managers receive. As a Junior Brand Manager you work amongst a team of individuals typically focusing on one particular brand. We expect the Junior Brand Managers to cater the campaign specifically to their target audience and demographic for increased profits of the client, the company, and themselves.

Responsibilities of a Junior Brand Manager:

  • Operate on a daily basis with high standards for stellar customer service
  • Attend daily company meetings that cover client brand information, sales goals, marketing tactics, and leadership development
  • Learn daily recruiting operations of the company once established and recognized as a top performing Junior Branager
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the rest of the Junior Brand Management team as well as the potential new customers
  • Study new promotional product offerings of the client assigned as well as the territory assigned
  • Immerse oneself in the promotions, products, planning and business interactions of the client delegated

Requirements of a Junior Brand Manager:

  • The ability to prove leadership traits either within an internship, school related program, sport, or work experience.
  • Participate actively in networking and training opportunities provided by the company
  • Show initiative and motivation to learn each department of the company
  • The flexibility to work a full time schedule, travel when needed, and potentially work nights or weekends

Salary: $43,000 - $48,000