Geotechnical Construction Inspection Engineer

PEAR Core Solutions
 Alexandria, VA

Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE) is seeking geotechnical engineers looking for an opportunity to start and grow a professional career with a leading engineering company in Alexandria, VA. The Geotechnical Construction Inspection role is a great way to strengthen engineering skills and participate as a vital member of the engineering team. MRCE specializes in underground structures, foundations, and waterfront structures. MRCE geotechnical construction inspection engineers (GCIEs) are expected to be professionally minded, responsible individuals who use experience and judgement to provide quality support for construction.

MRCE projects expose engineers to a broad range of challenges, present an opportunity to learn from experienced peers, and creatively contribute to the construction goal. MRCE assignments combine your academic training with engineering responsibility to develop solid engineering experience and mature technical skills. This role will provide you with the experience needed to pursue a career in engineering and construction.


  • Inspection and logging of exploratory borings in soil and rock. Approving drilling activity, directing sampling and interpreting conditions encountered.
  • Observation and documentation of construction for underground structures such as driven piles, drilled piles, sheet pile, tieback anchors, tie-rods, wales, slurry trench and slurry wall excavations, earthwork, and ground improvement.
  • Inspection, testing, and approval of excavated subgrades, subgrade preparation and mudmat placement, installation of drainage systems, geotextiles and geogrids, and structural fill.
  • Inspection and approval of reinforcing arrangements, concrete placement, and sampling by others.
  • Inspection of controlled fill, placement, compaction, and protection.
  • Inspection and approval of concrete reinforcement installations / arrangement and size, in accordance with drawings.
  • Installation of geotechnical or structural instrumentation on structures, support-of-excavation, and/or tunnels in conjunction with MRCE Instrumentation Engineers and using instrument data in the inspection process.
  • Instrument training and use may include Vibrating Wire Piezometers, Casagrande Piezometers, inclinometer casing installations and reading, vibration sensors, crack monitors, assisting with AMTS survey robotic total stations and targets, assembly of down-hole instruments.
  • Attending site construction meetings on behalf of MRCE to discuss construction problems, review specialty needs, coordinate with other service providers, and understand schedules. Communicating with the site project management team and the MRCE leadership and peer engineer team.
  • Abiding by MRCE Safety Program and project site safety requirements. Demonstrating through actions that personal and peer safety is paramount.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from an ABET/EAC accredited program.
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience in a similar role beneficial, but not a requirement for being hired into the position.
  • Required Licensure or Certification:
    • NICET or WACEL certification. GCIEs will be expected to obtain WACEL certification in Soils and Concrete, but it is not a requirement for being hired into the position.
    • OSHA 10-hour construction safety and OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training. GCIEs will be expected to obtain OSHA 10-hour and 40-hour training, but it is not a requirement for being hired into the position.
    • Engineer in Training. GCIE’s will be expected to pursue a PE license, but it is not a requirement for being hired into the position.
  • Required Skills:
    • Familiar with geotechnical investigations, borings, sampling, soil description, and field testing.
    • Good communication skills: accurate and legible hand sketches, accurate and thorough field logging, technical report writing.


  • Work in office and/or field on a long term, daily, or rotational basis.


  • Travel locally by car or public transportation,
  • Travel long-distance involving train or air travel for extended stays.
  • Inspection needs may require visits to several sites in one week, or one day. Some assignments may require daily commute to areas outside of the urban centers.
  • The Construction Inspection team utilizes the MRCE Alexandria, VA office between work assignments and throughout a day where several area projects require support. Travel costs above and beyond daily commute transportation to and from the Alexandria, VA office are reimbursed (tolls, mileage, etc.). Travel time compensation to reach remote sites is determined on a project-by-project basis.


Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE) is a leading engineering consultant specializing in geotechnical studies, design of excavation support systems, waterfront structures, and foundations. MRCE is based in New York City and branch offices in Alexandria, VA and Philadelphia, PA. MRCE has extensive experience with complex geotechnical conditions and specialized geotechnical construction methods. Engineers, architects, developers, contractors, lawyers, and public agencies regularly utilize MRCE expertise to define geotechnical issues and provide compatible designs for efficient construction. MRCE services extend well beyond the geotechnical site definition role to include complete foundation and excavation designs, contract drawings, instrumentation, and construction inspection services.