Real Estate Specialist 1

State of New York Albany, NY
Minimum Qualifications Current New York State employee with one year or more of permanent, contingent-permanent or 55b/c service as a Real Estate Specialist 1; OR current New York State employee with one year or more of permanent, contingent-permanent or 55b/c service in a position allocated to a Grade 13 and above and eligible for transfer under Section 70.1 or 70.4 of the Civil Service Law.*

* Successful completion of the two-year traineeship leads to appointment as a Real Estate Specialist 1, SG-18.

New York State employees with current standing on the Professional Career Opportunity (PCO) eligible list with the score of 100 are encouraged to apply.

New York State employees with current standing on the PATT eligible list will be canvassed and do not need to apply. This announcement is to notify individuals of a transfer opportunity only.

Individuals who are 55b/c eligible and possess a Bachelor's degree are encouraged to apply.

Duties Description Works under the direction of Real Estate Specialist 2 to:

* Research and prepare documentation pertaining to title issues.

* Assist in the maintenance of the State-wide property inventory.

* Maintenance inventory files including scanned documents and maps related to property ownership.

* Prepare and review appraisals of property and market studies.

* Research public land records for title background, easement encumbrances, liens, deed restrictions or covenants and determine the effects of local zoning or community master plans on potential use of State parcels.

* Conduct physical inspections of state-owned property.

* Prepare full narrative, self-contained appraisal reports to determine value.

* Draft scope of service and review consultant prepared appraisals.

* Prepare draft permits and licenses for the private use of State-owned real estate or real property.

* Conduct public auction of surplus real estate or real property, including coordination of advertising, conducting open houses for potential bidders and arrange dates for site auctions.

* Prepare and review valuation for easements and grants of land underwater.

* Draft leases, licenses, and easements for the use of State natural resources, recreational assets and underwater lands.

* Review and control sand mining, underwater land filling, gas drilling, mineral operations and salt mining conducted by licensed operators on State-owned lands.

* Interact with all key players in acquisition or disposition transactions, including legal staff, surveyors, client agencies and the general public.

* Make presentations on land acquisition or disposition procedures at public hearings, open houses and information meetings.

* Ensure compliance of the rules and regulations of the Public Lands Law.

* Respond to inquiries from the public and other State agencies.

Additional Comments If interested in this position and applying using your 55b/c status, please provide a copy of your current 55b/c eligibility letter. If this is not provided with your resume, you will not be considered for this position.