CNC Mill Machinist

Crenlo Akron, OH
POSITION SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Group Leader and Senior Team Leader, the CNC Lathe/Mill/Bend Brake Operator's primary function is to program, operate and maintain all work cell machinery in a safe and efficient manner to achieve the quality and productivity goals of the company.


* 1 Charged with the responsibility of defining obstacles and aid in creating solutions concerning safety, identifying safety hazards, and suggesting corrective actions.

* 2. Follow company safety practices and procedures to provide a safe work environment for all team members.

* 3. Program, set-up and operate work cell machinery (CNC Lathe; Mill; Press Brake) and process parts to job specifications.

* 4. Monitor and adjust machine(s) during process to achieve acceptable quality.

* 5. Generate/maintain a program database of all current part numbers made on CNC Equipment.

* 6. Understand and execute, if necessary, inventory paperwork and computer transactions.

* 7. Perform preventative maintenance on machines as scheduled.

* 8. Perform all housekeeping duties and 5S requirements.

* 9. Assist Engineers and other departments with projects as required.

* 10. Understand & execute, if necessary, inventory paperwork & computer transactions.

* 11. Adhere to Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost (SQDC) metrics.

* 12. Mobility to move within department/plant as assigned.

* 13. Perform all other duties, as required, to meet customer and company quality and productivity needs.

* = Denotes essential functions

REQUIREMENTS: High School diploma or equivalent is preferred. Must have demonstrated experience in CNC machining. Good shop mathematics. Experience with Dial calipers, micrometers, bore gauges, radius gages, tape measures, and protractors. Previous experience programming and running production on CNC equipment. Ability to read, interpret, and comprehend blueprints. Must have the ability and desire to work with people in the team concept and be innovative and willing to learn and participate in internal programs, work simplification, cost-reduction, safety and quality improvement and LEAN manufacturing.

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