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Company Overview: American Airlines

About American Airlines

Number of stores:
$22.17 billion (2010)
Fort Worth, TX
Tom Horton
American Airlines is among the largest airlines in the world, with flights schedule throughout Europe, Asia, North American, and South America. In 2013 they are expected to complete a merger with US Airways, which will make them the largest airline in the world.

How to Apply For a Job at American Airlines


You can search and apply for jobs at American Airlines directly through StartWire. When you apply for a job through your StartWire account, we will provide you with automatic application updates that will let you know when your application has been read, and if you're still being considered for the position that you've applied for. Apply now

Apply online

If you prefer, you can also apply for a job through American Airlines' hiring website. If you choose to apply in this way, don't forget to come back and log your application your StartWire account so we can help you keep your job search as efficient and organized as possible.

The American Airlines Application Process

For the sake of this application guide, we applied for a position as an accountant. Your application experience may vary a little bit depending on the type of job that you're applying for.

Before you can begin the American Airlines application, you will need to create an account on their hiring website. Creating an account will only take a minute of your time -- you simply need to provide a username, password, and your email address.

Once your account is created, you will have the opportunity to upload your resume. Uploading your resume is optional at this point, but it can help you complete your application more quickly. American Airlines will read through your resume, and use it to fill in many of the application fields for you. If you prefer, you can decline to upload your resume and instead fill out all the application fields yourself. It's totally up to you.

Next, you will need to provide some basic personal information including your name, address, phone number, work experience, education, and certifications.

With your personal information entered, it's time to take a questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you a series of questions about your age, work experience, language, computer proficiency, and your ability to perform job-specific tasks. Read each question carefully, and answer honestly.

After you complete the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to attach your cover letter and resume. While providing these files is not technically required by their application system, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to provide them. Without these files, American Airlines will have a very hard time determining if you are a candidate that they would like to bring in for an interview. As always, make sure to customize your resume and cover letter for the position to which you're applying.

Drug test

American Airlines prides itself in its drug-free work environment. Any employment offer that you receive will be contingent upon passing a pre-employment drug test.

How to Get Updates on Your American Airlines Application

When you apply for a job at American Airlines through StartWire, we will provide you with automatic application updates. These updates will let you know when your application has been read, and if you're still being considered for the position that you've applied for. Sign up now

Who is American Airlines Hiring?

American Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at American Airlines

When you think about jobs at American Airlines, you probably think about positions like flight attendants, pilots, and baggage carriers. And while it's true that American Airlines does hire many people to work in those positions, there are also many other types of jobs available that you may not have thought of before. In their headquarters, American Airlines is always hiring for many different office jobs like receptionists, managers, accountants, business development specialists, managers, and executives. No matter what your specialty, chances are good that there is a position at American Airlines that matches your experience. Search jobs

Types of people American Airlines wants to hire

The exact type of person that American Airlines will want to hire varies from position to position, but there are some things that they generally look out for. If you are applying for a job that will regularly interact with the public (such as reservation attendants, flight attendants, or customer service representatives), then having previous customer service experience is incredibly valuable. If you have any previous experience in that area, it would probably be a good idea to mention that on your resume or cover letter.

For all positions, American Airlines wants to hire friendly, dependable, and hardworking people to join their team. Making an effort to be polite, friendly, and engaging will go a long way towards helping you get your foot in the door.

Business Summary


Tom Horton is the CEO of American Airlines.


AMR Corporation (American Airlines' parent company) is publicly traded. In 2011 they reported $23.97 billion in revenue, $-1.72 billion in operating income, $-1.97 billion in net income, $23 billion in assets, and $-7.11 billion in equity.

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