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Company Overview: Family Dollar

About Family Dollar

Number of stores:
$8.5 billion (2011)
Matthews, NC
Howard R. Levine
Family Dollar is a chain of discount variety stores. The company currently operates more than 7,000 stores spread across 45 states.</p>

How to Apply For a Job at Family Dollar


You can search and apply for jobs at Family Dollar directly through StartWire. We'll even provide you with automatic updates on your application so you will be able to tell if your application has been read and if you're still being considered for the job you've applied to. Apply now

Apply online

You can also search and apply for jobs at Family Dollar by using their hiring website. If you do choose to apply using their website, make sure that you come back and tell us about it so we can help you track your application status and provide you with tools you can use to keep your job search as organized as possible.

The Family Dollar Application Process

Before you can apply for a job with Dollar General, you will need to create an account on their hiring website. Creating an account is simple, and requires only your name, email address, password, and two security questions. It should take you no more than a couple minutes to create your account and get on with the application.

At this point, you will have the option to upload your resume. If you have one, you should definitely take advantage of this feature. Family Dollar will read your resume, and fill in many of the application fields for you. If you don't have a resume prepared, that's ok -- you can manually enter everything.

You will now be presented with a page that's designed to collect your personal information. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, birthday, social security number, schedule availability, work experience, references, and education. You can reduce the time you'll need to spend on the application if you prepare all of this information before you start.


Following the core application process, you will be required to take an assessment. The assessment is a series of questions designed to help Family Dollar learn more about you and determine whether you would make a good fit for their team.

The assessment is very long (over 100 questions), but it's important to remain as focused as you can and read each question very carefully. To give you an idea of what to expect from the assessment, here are a few example questions:

"Low pay can cause honest people to steal."

"You are never in a bad mood."

"You are generally free from worry about possible misfortunes."

There are two possible answers for each question: agree or disagree. If you aren't sure how to answer a question, take a moment to think about why they're asking it. What are they trying to learn about you through that particular question?

Background check

All employment offers made by Family Dollar are contingent on passing a background check. By submitting the application, you are giving them permission to perform the background check.

Drug test

By submitting your application, you are consenting to a pre-employment drug test. Getting a job is contingent upon passing this test.

How to Get Updates on Your Family Dollar Application

If you use StartWire to apply for a job at Family Dollar, we will provide you with automatic application updates. You will be able to tell when your application has been read, and if you're still being considered for the job you applied for. Apply now

Who is Family Dollar Hiring?

Family Dollar is an equal opportunity employer. They do not consider an applicant's age, gender, ethnicity, or disability while making their hiring decisions.

Jobs available at Family Dollar

In their stores, Family Dollar is always hiring Customer Service Team Members, Assistant Store Managers, and Store Managers. In their distribution centers, they're always looking for Shipping Loaders, Bulk Order Fillers, Forklift Operators, Repack Order Fillers, Repack Stockers, General Warehouse, Maintenance Technicians, Security Guards and Yard Switchers. Search jobs

There are also many opportunities available at Family Dollar headquarters. To discover those opportunities as they become available, check the Family Dollar hiring website regularly.

Types of people Family Dollar wants to hire

Family Dollar is always looking for hardworking and dedicated people who enjoy being part of a team. The company also places a huge value on customer service and sales, so if you have any experience in those areas you should do your best to communicate that on your application and resume.

Age requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Family Dollar.

Business Summary


Leon Levine was the founder of Family Dollar. Today, Howard R. Levine is the Chairman and CEO.


Family Dollar is a publicly traded company (NYSE: FDO). In 2011 they reported $8.5 billion revenue, $291 million in net income, and $457 million in operating income.

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