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Company Overview: Wendy's

About Wendy's

Restaurant, Fast food
Number of stores:
$2.4 billion
Dublin, OH
Emil Brolick
Wendy's is the third largest hamburger fast food chain in the United States, trailing only McDonald's and Burger King in the number of locations. More than 42,000 people are currently employed by Wendy's, and they're always looking for new people to join their team.

How to Apply For a Job at Wendy's

You can use StartWire to search and apply for jobs at Wendy's. Not only that, we'll also help you manage your Wendy's job applications and keep your job search organized. Apply now to Wendy's jobs
Apply online
If you'd rather apply directly through Wendy's website, you can do so by visiting wendys.com/careers and searching for jobs. If you choose to go this route, you can still use StartWire to manage your application history and organize your job search.
Paper Application
Some Wendy's locations accept paper applications. Though there are many places you can find a printable application on the internet, we recommend walking into the store to get one -- you never know how outdated the ones you find online might be. Filling out a paper application does have some advantages over methods. Though it does take time to go to the store and back, you may have the opportunity to talk to a hiring manager and make a positive impression. With that said, you should avoid walking in during busy times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Time your visit so you won't be a nuisance, and you'll also give yourself the best chance to make a positive impression.

The Wendy's Application Process

The Wendy's application process is pretty straightforward, and will be familiar to you if you've ever applied for a job online before. It's comprised of two sections: the first part collects your personal information, and the second part is an assessment.
Part 1: Personal information
Before you can apply for a job at Wendy's, you have to search by your zip code. This will bring up a list of openings in your local area. If you don't see your location listed, you should call in to see if they're hiring and find out if you can come in to fill out a paper application. Once you've found the position that you want to apply to, it's time to create an account and start the application process. Unfortunately, Wendy's only allows you to apply to one position at one location at a time. It would be nice if you could apply to multiple locations at once, but unfortunately, that isn't possible. In the first section of the application, you will be asked to provide your personal information, including your name, address phone number, employment history, and education. Taking the time to prepare all of this information before you start Wendy's job applications can significantly speed up the process.
Part 2: Assessment
After you've provided all of your personal information, you will be required to take an assessment. The assessment is comprised of 40 questions. Wendy's estimates that it will take about 10 minutes to complete, but don't be surprised if it takes you 20 minutes or more. It's a lot to go through. The assessment is designed to give Wendy's an idea of who you are as a person. They make their determination by evaluating your answers to questions like "How would you describe your personal energy level?" and "What would you do if you were working the cash register and had nothing to do?" It's important to answer these questions honestly, so don't be afraid from answering strongly. It's much better to say that you would do something with certainty than it is to say that you're unsure, or to choose another neutral response. With so many questions to answer, it can be difficult to remain focused during the assessment process. However, this section is very important, so you should read each question carefully and consider why they are asking the question they're asking. What are they trying to learn about you?
Background check
During the application process, Wendy's will ask for your permission to perform a pre-employment criminal background check.

How to Get Updates on Your Wendy's Job Applications

At this time, Wendy's does not provide automatic updates on applications submit through their website or on paper. The best way to find out where you stand is to contact the hiring manager at the location you wish to work at.

Who is Wendy's Hiring?

Wendy's is an equal opportunity employer, and they consider people of all ages, genders, abilities, races, and belief systems equally.
Jobs available at Wendy's
Wendy's restaurants are always hiring crew members (cooks and cashiers), as well as store managers. To learn more about the Wendy's job opportunities available to you, search for a job and read the job description very carefully. You can search corporate careers by visiting their hiring website and navigating to the corporate section.
Types of people Wendy's wants to hire
Wendy's wants to hire hardworking, dependable, and honest people to work in their restaurants. The company also puts a lot of value on teamwork and customer service, so you should do your best to emphasize those qualities during the assessment portion of the application (and the interview if you get one).
Age requirements
You must be at least 16 years old to work at Wendy's.

Business Summary

Wendy's was founded by Dave Thomas. Today, the CEO of the company is Emil Brolick.
In 2012, Wendy's reported over $2.4 billion in revenue. They had $1.9 billion in total equity, $4.3 billion in assets, and $9.9 million in net income.
Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969. He was inspired to open the store after visiting a fast food chain named Kewpee. He named the restaurant after his fourth child, Melinda Lou "Wendy" Thomas. The first restaurant was a success, and within a year, Thomas opened a second store. The company has continued to expand over the years, and there are now more than 6,600 Wendy's restaurants worldwide. It is the third largest hamburger fast food chain in the United States, behind only McDonald's and Burger King.

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