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Company Overview: Carl's Jr.

About Carl's Jr.

Restaurant, Fast food
Number of stores:
$5.5 billion (CKE Restaurants)
Carpinteria, CA
Andrew Puzder
Carl's Jr. is a chain of fast food restaurants primarily found in the Southwestern and Western United States. There are more than 1,250 Carl's Jr. locations, and the company employs more than 25,000 people.

How to Apply For a Job at Carl's Jr.


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Apply online

If you prefer, you can apply for a job at Carl's Jr. through their hiring website. If you do decide to apply in this way, make sure that you come back and log the application in your StartWire account so you can keep your job search as organized as possible.

The Carl's Jr. Application Process

You can apply to multiple locations at the same time when you apply through the Carl's Jr. hiring website. This is a great time-saving feature, and something that you should definitely take advantage of if there are multiple locations within a close distance of your home.

Before you can start the application itself, you will need to create an account on the Carl's Jr. hiring site. Creating an account is simple, and it will only take you a couple minutes to get it setup. To create your account, you will need to provide your name, gender, email address, phone number, social security number, a login ID, a password, and answers to two security questions.

For the sake of this application, we applied for a position as a crew member. Your application experience may vary a little bit depending on the position you choose to apply for.

The actual Carl's Jr. application is only one page. You will be requested to provide your name, address, phone number, salary requirements, schedule availability, employment history, and education. We highly recommend that you take a little bit of time to prepare all of the information you will need before you start the application. Not only will preparing beforehand help you complete the application more quickly, it will also ensure that you don't get stuck without something important (and your application times out while you look for it).


Once you complete the core of the application, you will need to take an assessment. The assessment is designed to help Carl's Jr. determine if you would make a good fit with their company, culture, and values.

The assessment is pretty long (more than 200 questions), so you will want to make sure that you have enough time to dedicate to it before you get started.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the assessment, here are a few example questions:

"A person should always look for promotion opportunities at work."

"Changing workplace procedures tends to be counterproductive."

"When I make a promise, you can count on it."

While you should answer every question honestly, there may be times where you aren't exactly sure how to answer a question. Maybe there isn't enough detail, or what you would do would depend on details that aren't provided. In those cases, take a moment to think about what they are trying to learn about you through the question.

Additionally, you should do your best to provide strong answers. Strongly disagreeing or strongly agreeing with a statement shows that you know who you are and what you would do in a certain situation. If you only give neutral or weak answers, it can be very hard for them to learn as much as they need to learn about you to make a good hiring decision.

Drug test

Carl's Jr. is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace. By submitting your application, you are consenting to a pre-employment drug test. Any employment offer you receive will be contingent upon passing this test.

How to Get Updates on Your Carl's Jr. Application

Carl's Jr. does not provide automatic application updates at this time. If you have already applied for a position and would like to know if you're still being considered, you will need to contact the hiring manager at the location where you applied.

Who is Carl's Jr. Hiring?

Carl's Jr. is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at Carl's Jr.

In Carl's Jr. restaurants, they are always hiring front of house crew, back of house crew, shift supervisors, and managers. There are also many opportunities at Carl's Jr. headquarters. Check back regularly to learn about new positions as they're announced. Search jobs

Types of people Carl's Jr. wants to hire

Carl's Jr. is always looking for friendly, passionate, and hardworking people to join their team. Every Carl's Jr. employee has an impact on the customer experience, so demonstrating your ability to treat customers well and pay close attention to detail can help you stand out during the application and interview process.

Age requirements

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Carl's Jr.

Business Summary


Carl's Jr. is a subsidiary of CKE Restaurants. Andrew Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants.


CKE Restaurants is a private company, so they are not required to release their financial information to the public. However, it's estimated that they earned $5.6 billion in revenue in 2007.

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