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Company Overview: State Farm

About State Farm

Number of stores:
$64.3 billion (2011)
Bloomington, IL
Edward Rust
State Farm is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. Their primary business is in auto insurance, but they also insure millions of homes as well. In 2011, they were ranked 37 on the Fortune 500 list.

How to Apply For a Job at State Farm


You can search and apply for State Farm jobs directly through your StartWire account. When you create an account with us, we will give you immediate access to a suite of organizational tools that you can use to keep your job search organized. You might not know it, but organizing where and when you applied is one of the most critical factors in a successful job search. Apply now

Apply online

Of course, you can also apply for State Farm jobs through their hiring website. If you do choose to apply through their site, don't forget to come back to your StartWire account and record where and when you applied.

The State Farm Application Process

The State Farm application is one of the most applicant-friendly applications we've seen. If you already have your resume and cover letter prepared, you should easily be able to complete it in 20 minutes.

For this application guide, we applied for a position as a Claims Service Assistant. The the application process is nearly identical for all positions, you may find that your experience varies a little bit from ours depending on the position that you apply for.

Before you can begin the application, you will need to register on State Farm's hiring website. To register, you will need to provide a username, account password, and your email address.

Once you are registered on their site, the first step of the application requires you to enter some personal information including your name, address, phone number, work experience, education, licenses or certifications (if applicable), languages spoken, and shift preferences. While you most likely have memorized all the information that you need, it's never a bad idea to make sure that you have everything before you begin the application. There are few things more frustrating than having to quit in the middle to go off and search for some documentation.

After you provide all of your personal information, you will have the opportunity to provide your resume and cover letter. While neither are technically required by their system (you can submit your application without them), we highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, you should take some time to customize your cover letter and resume for the position that you are applying for. By doing so, you will be able to demonstrate legitimate interest in the position, and have the ability to explain exactly how your previous experiences prepared you for the job that you are applying for.

Once your resume and cover letter are uploaded, all you need to do is complete a very brief questionnaire that asks about your eligibility to work in the United States.

How to Get Updates On Your State Farm Application

Unfortunately, State Farm does not provide automatic application updates at this time. If you have already applied for a position and would like to know if you are still being considered, you will need to contact the company directly.

Who is State Farm Hiring?

State Farm is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at State Farm

There are far too many jobs available at State Farm to list them all here, but most are found in actuarial, banking, claims, administration, creative services, customer service, accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, legal, marketing, advertising, research, public relations, and underwriting.

One of the great things about large companies like State Farm, is there are opportunities within the company for people of interests and levels of experience. If there aren't any positions open now that interest you, chances are good that there will be some in the future. Check back regularly to learn about new positions as they're announced. Apply now

Business Summary


Edward Rust is the CEO and Chairman of State Farm.


In 2011, State Farm reported $64.3 billion in revenue, $800 million in net income, $196 billion in assets, and $60 billion in equity.

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