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Company Overview: Hardee's

About Hardee's

Restaurant, Fast food
Number of stores:
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Puzder (CKE Restaurants)
Hardee's is one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the United States, trailing only Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, and Subway. There are nearly 2,000 Hardee's restaurants, and the company is headquartered in St. Louis Missouri.

How to Apply For a Job at Hardee's


You can search and apply for Hardee's jobs directly through StartWire. We'll even provide you with free tools that you can use to make smart job search decisions and keep your application history organized. Apply now

Apply online

If you prefer, you can search and apply for jobs through Hardee's hiring website. If you choose to go straight through Hardee's, make sure to come back and add your application to your StartWire account so we can help you keep your job search organized.

Paper application

Many Hardee's restaurants accept paper applications. If you try to search for a job online and don't see your location listed, call the location where you'd like to work and ask them if they accept paper applications. Walking into a store and filling out an application in-person can be a great way to make a personal connection and stand out during the application process.

The Hardee's Application Process

The Hardee's job application is fairly straightforward. From start to finish, it shouldn't take you more than 30-40 minutes to complete, assuming that you've taken a little bit of time to prepare all of the information you'll need before you get started.

Before you can get started, you will need to enter your zip code and select how far you'd be willing to commute to work. This will bring up a list of restaurants in your area. Unfortunately, you can only apply to work at one restaurant at a time. So if there are multiple locations near you, you will have to fill out a separate application for each location.

With your location selected, you can now select the exact position that you'd like to apply for. Again, you can only apply for one position at a time, which is too bad. It would be great if you could apply for multiple positions within a store.

Once you select the position you're interested in, you will have to create an account on their hiring site. Creating an account is easy, and should take you no more than a couple minutes. You will just need to provide your name, phone number, social security number, and email address.

The application is built of two main sections, and we'll go over each section in detail below.

Section 1: Personal information

This section is the meat of the application. It's styled to look just like a paper application, and the information that you will need to provide is very similar to what you'd expect from a traditional paper application.

During the first section, you will need to provide things like your name, address, phone number, availability, and level of education. If you are able to work a flexible schedule, you should make sure that you communicate that on the application. Generally speaking, the more flexible you are with the days and hours that you work, the more attractive you will be to a hiring manager.

In this section you will also need to provide your employment history. This is where being prepared really comes in handy. For each employer, you will need to provide the date of hire, their complete address, starting pay, ending pay, phone number, and a description of your duties on the job.

Section 2: Assessment

The second part of the application is an assessment. The Hardee's assessment is really long, and will likely take you 30 or more minutes to complete The assessment is 12 pages long, and there are 20 questions on each page (yes, that's more than 200 questions in total). Going through this exercise can be very frustrating, but it's important to read each question carefully. If you aren't sure how to answer a question, take a moment to think about why they've chosen to ask it. What are they trying to learn about you?

To give you an idea of what to expect from the assessment, here are a few sample questions:

"When I make a promise, you can count on it."

"In general, I feel that I have control over things that happen to me."

"I would enjoy working for a cutting-edge company, even if there is some risk involved."

"Smart employers are willing to take risks in implementing innovative policies."

Generally speaking, it's best to give strong answers to these questions. Hardee's will learn very little about you if you give neutral answers (effectively saying "I don't know"), and much more about you if you strongly agree or disagree. So don't shy away from how you really feel.

Drug test

Hardee's is committed to maintaining a drug free environment, and they reserve the right to screen all employees for drugs and alcohol. By submitting the application, you are agreeing to participate in the drug screening.

How to Get Updates on Your Hardee's Application

Unfortunately, Hardee's does not provided automatic application updates at this time. To check on the status of your application, you will need to followup with the hiring manager directly.

Who is Hardee's Hiring?

Hardee's is an equal opportunity employer. They do not consider an applicant's age, gender, ethnicity, or disability while making their hiring decisions.

Jobs available at Hardee's

Hardee's restaurants are always hiring for back of house crew, front of house crew, and management positions. Search jobs

There are also many opportunities available at the Hardee's corporate headquarters. To learn about the positions as they open, we recommend that you regularly check their hiring website.

Types of people Hardee's wants to hire

Hardee's wants to hire people who are friendly, hardworking, dedicated, and willing to work well on a team. All Hardee's employees directly impact the experience of their customers, so customer service skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail are very important. You should do your best to communicate any experiences you have in those areas on your application and during your interview.

Age requirements

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Hardee's. However, the age requirements vary from position to position.

Business Summary


Hardee's is a subsidiary of CKE Restaurants, the same company that owns the Carl's Jr. and Green Burrito restaurant chains. Andrew Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants


CKE Restaurants is a private company, and they don't release Hardee's financial information to the public.


The first Hardee's restaurant was opened by Wilbur Hardee in 1960. The restaurant was an immediate success, and franchising followed very shortly after. In one of the more interesting stories, Hardee lost a majority share in the company in a game of poker, and went on to sell his remaining shares as well.

By 1980, there were more than 4,000 Hardee's locations throughout the United States (which is more than twice the number that they have today). It was one year later that they were purchased by Imasco (who also owned Peoples Drug and Shopper's Drug Mart). Imasco made many decisions that hurt the business, including discontinuing the char-broiling process that was a signature of the chain.

CKE Restaurants acquired Hardee's in 1997, by which time there were were only 2,000 locations. Growth has remained fairly stagnant in the last decade, as there are currently less than 2,000 Hardee's locations.

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