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Company Overview: Firehouse Subs

About Firehouse Subs

Restaurant, Fast food
Number of stores:
Jacksonville, FL
Don M. Fox
Firehouse Subs is a fast casual restaurant chain, primarily focused in the southern regions of the United States. There are currently over 580 Firehouse Subs locations.

How to Apply For a Job at Firehouse Subs

You can search and apply for some positions at Firehouse Subs directly through StartWire. We'll even help you keep your job search organized, so you never have to wonder where and when you applied. Apply now
Apply online
You can also apply for jobs through Firehouse Subs' career website. Unlike most employers, there isn't a formal online application process -- instead, they just provide you with an email address that you can send your resume and cover letter to. How great is that?
Paper application
For crew member and manager positions, Firehouse Subs provides a printable job application form that you can download. Just fill out the form and drop it off at the location where you'd like to work. For shift leader positions, you can either email your resume (the email address is provided on their hiring website), or contact the location where you'd like to work and bring in a job application.

The Firehouse Subs Application Process

Applying to Firehouse Subs is as easy as it gets, and the entire application process is a welcome breath of fresh air. There are no assessments to take or trick questions to stumble over. Just print out an application, fill it out, and drop it off at your local store. Before you start the application, you should take a little time to prepare the information that you'll need. You will need your social security number, driver's license number, employment history, address, phone number, and education. That's it. If you take the time to prepare beforehand, you shouldn't spend more than 15 minutes filling out the application. Though it isn't necessary, taking your resume along with your application can help you stand out in a positive light. If you have one ready, printing an extra copy or two and taking it with you when you drop off your application is highly advisable.

How to Get Updates on your Firehouse Subs Application

The only downside of paper applications is that Firehouse Subs can't provide you with automatic updates on your application status. To find out where you stand, you'll need to call the store and speak with the hiring manager.

Who is Firehouse Subs Hiring?

Firehouse Subs is an equal opportunity employer. They do not consider age, ethnicity, gender, or disability while making their hiring decisions.
Jobs available at Firehouse Subs
In their stores, Firehouse Subs is always hiring crew members, shift leaders, and managers. Before you apply, you should call the location where you want to work and make sure that they're actively hiring for the position that interests you. There are also jobs available at Firehouse Subs' corporate headquarters. These positions change all the time, so you should be sure to check their hiring site regularly to see the opportunities as they become available.
Types of people Firehouse Subs wants to hire
Firehouse Subs wants to hire dedicated, hardworking, friendly, and honest people to join their team. The company also puts a lot of emphasis on customer service, so if you have any experience in that area you should do your best to emphasize that.
Age requirements
You must be at least 18 years old to work at Firehouse Subs.

Business Summary

Firehouse Subs was founded by Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen, both of whom are still working at the company. Don Fox is the current CEO, and Vincent Burchianti is the CFO.
Firehouse Subs is a private company, so reliable financial information isn't available.

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