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Company Overview: Applebee's

About Applebee's

Restaurant, Casual dining
Number of stores:
$1.3 billion (2006)
Decatur, GA
Julia Stewart
Applebee's is a chain of casual dining restaurants that focuses on selling mainstream American food. There are currently more than 2,000 Applebee's restaurants, making it one of the largest casual dining chains in the United States.

How to Apply For a Job at Applebee's


You can search and apply for jobs at Applebee's directly through StartWire. If you choose to apply through us, you'll automatically receive free access to tools that you can use to keep your job search as efficient and organized as possible. Apply now

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You can also search and apply for jobs through Applebee's hiring website. If you choose to do so, please remember to come back and tell us about your application so we can still help you track and organize your application history.

The Applebee's Application Process

The Applebee's job application is long and fairly arduous. To be totally honest, it's one of the most unfriendly applications we've ever filled out. You have to answer the same questions multiple times, and the assessment is pretty long and tiring. With that said, if you want to work at Applebee's, you have no choice but to stick through it. Just make sure you have at least an hour of your time set aside to fill out the application.

To start, you must select the position that you want to apply for and the Applebee's location where you would like to work. This is simple enough, and the site is easy to use at this point.

The Applebee's application starts with a simple questionnaire. You will need to provide name, address, and phone number, and then answer a series of questions to verify that you are old enough and legally qualified to work in the United States.

After you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email. Before you continue the application, you will have to click a link inside the email to verify your email address and create a password for your account. After you create a password, you will have to start the application over and answer the same questionnaire you already filled out. It's a little bit confusing, to be sure.


At this stage, you will have to begin an assessment. The assessment starts with questions about you (your gender, age, education, and length of tenure at your previous employer). With that out of the way, you will move on to the real meat of the assessment process.

The Applebee's assessment is a series of 80 questions that are designed to help Applebee's learn more about you as a person. Your answers to these questions are used to determine whether or not you would make a good fit for their company. To give you an idea of what you should expect from the assessment, here are a few example questions:

"Sometimes I get satisfaction out of breaking the rules."

"If I notice a problem, I always make sure it is solved, even if it is not my responsibility."

"Most people are too conservative."

While it's important to answer each question honestly, don't forget to consider why Applebee's is asking each question. What are they trying to learn about you by asking each question?

As an additional tip, you are generally better off strongly agreeing or strongly disagreeing with a statement than you are if you provide a neutral answer. Remember, Applebee's is trying to learn about what you will definitely do, not what you might do.

Finishing up

At this point in the application, you will need to provide your references and your employment history. For each reference you provide, you will need their name, address, and phone number. For each entry in your employment history, you will need their names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of employment. Make sure the dates of employment are completely accurate -- you don't want a potential background check to conflict with the data you've provided here.

You will also need to provide a lot of your personal information (again), including your name, phone number, and email address. You will also need to provide your scheduling and availability preferences, as well as an emergency contact.

How to Get Updates on Your Applebee's Job Application

Applebee's does not provide automatic application updates at this time. If you have already applied and would like to know if you're still being considered for a position, your best bet will be contacting the hiring manager directly.

Who is Applebee's Hiring?

Applebee's is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at Applebee's

In Applebee's restaurants, they are always hiring Bartenders, Carside To Go, Expediters, Hosts / Hostesses, Line Cooks, Assistant Managers, Restaurant Managers, and Servers. Search jobs

There are also many positions available at Applebee's headquarters. The exact positions vary depending on their hiring needs at the time, so if you want to work at their corporate headquarters, your best bet is to check their job openings regularly to learn about new positions as they're opened.

Types of people Applebee's wants to hire

Applebee's is always looking for fun, energetic, positive, and hardworking people to join their team. Previous restaurant experience is preferred, but not required. If you have any retail, sales, or customer service experience, you should do your best to highlight those experiences on the job application and during the job interview. Those transferable skills translate very well to the restaurant industry.

Age requirements

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Applebee's.

Business Summary


Applebee's is a subsidiary of Dine Equity, Inc. Julia Stewart is the CEO, and Mike Archer is the President.


Dine Equity, Inc. is a privately owned company, so they aren't required to release their financial information. However, in 2006 (the last year that Applebee's was a publicly traded company), they reported $1.3 billion in revenue, $130 million in operating income, $80.9 million in net income, $935 million in assets, and $486 million in equity.


The first Applebee's was opened in 1980, by Bill and T.J. Palmer. The original name T.J. Applebee's Rx for Edibles and Elixirs (we see why they shortened it a little bit). When they had only two locations, they decided to sell their new chain. Bill Palmer continued to work for the company (as President), and was largely responsible for growing the franchise system.

In 1986, the name was changed to 'Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar,' which remains its formal name. The largest period of growth for Applebee's came between 1993 and 2005, when they managed to open more than 100 new locations every year. Today, there are more than 2,000 Applebee's locations across the United States and fifteen other countries.

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