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Company Overview: AutoZone

About AutoZone

Retail, Automotive
Number of stores:
$8.6 billion
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes III
AutoZone is a specialty retailer, specializing in the sale of automotive parts and accessories. There are more than 5,000 AutoZone locations throughout the United States, and the company employs more than 70,000 people.

How to Apply For a Job at AutoZone


You can search and apply for jobs at AutoZone directly through StartWire. We'll even provide you with access to free tools that you can use to keep your job search as efficient and organized as possible. Apply now

Apply online

You can also apply for jobs by using AutoZone's hiring website. If you decide to use this application method, don't forget to come back and tell us about it so we can help you keep your job search as organized as possible.

The AutoZone Application Process

Before you can start the AutoZone application, you will need to select where you would like to work within their organization. The options available to you are Store, Field Management, Commercial, Distribution Center, and Store Support Center. For the purposes of writing this application guide, we selected the 'Store' option. Your experience may differ slightly if you chose another option.

After you select the branch of the company that you would like to work in, you will need to enter your zip code to search for locations in your area. You can apply to only one location at a time, which is unfortunate if you happen to live in an area with multiple locations that you would be willing to work at.

With the store selected, it is time to create an account on their hiring site. Creating an account only takes a minute -- all you need to provide is your email address and a password.

Now that your account is created, you can start filling out the actual application. To start off, you will have the opportunity to copy and paste your resume. If you have a resume on hand, we would highly recommend taking the opportunity to provide it. It can be difficult to stand out when filling out a standard job application, and the resume can help you put your best foot forward. If you don't have a resume, you can proceed without one.

The application

After you upload your resume (or choose not to), you will start the meat of the application process. Here is what you will need to provide: Name, Social Security Number, address, email address, phone number, scheduling preferences, pay requirements, references, education, work history, licenses / certifications, and driver's license number.

You will also be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire that asks about your experience. There is also a field in this section where you will be asked to explain why you are qualified for the position. Take your time and write a thoughtful answer here, as it's one of the few places on the application where you will be able to use your own words to stand out.


After you complete the job application, you will be required to take a 94 question assessment. The assessment is designed to help AutoZone determine if you would make a good fit for their company.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few example questions:

"Rather than wait to be told, I tend to start doing what I think needs to be done."

"I would not like a job that required me to work under high pressure and stress."

"I am willing to sacrifice my needs for the good of the team."

Answer each question honestly, and don't be shy. Remember, AutoZone wants to learn how you will definitely behave, not how you might behave. Providing a neutral answer will rarely work to your advantage.

How long is my AutoZone application kept on file?

AutoZone keeps all applications on file for 90 days. If you have not heard back within 90 days, you will need to re-apply to remain in consideration.

Background check

During the application process, you will be asked to consent to a pre-employment background check. Any employment offers that are made to you will be contingent upon passing this background check.

Drug test

You will also need to consent to a pre-employment drug screening.

How to Get Updates on Your AutoZone Application

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not provide automatic application updates. If you would like to learn where you stand, you will need to contact the hiring manager directly.

Who is AutoZone Hiring?

AutoZone is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at AutoZone

There are many different positions available in AutoZone stores, distribution centers, store support centers, field management, and corporate headquarters. The available jobs change all the time, so don't forget to check back often to learn about new positions as they're announced. Search jobs

Types of people AutoZone wants to hire

AutoZone is always looking for hardworking, dedicated, and honest people to join their team. While not necessary, a passion for cars and auto parts is generally preferred. If you are applying for an in-store position, customer service and sales skills are highly valued as well. If you have relevant experience in those areas, you should make sure to highlight that on your application or resume.

Age requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to work at AutoZone.

Business Summary


AutoZone was founded by J.R. "Pitt" Hyde III. William Rhodes is the CEO, Chairman, and President, and William Giles is the CFO.


AutoZone is a publicly traded company (NYSE: AZO). In 2012 they reported $8.6 billion in revenue, $1.6 billion in operation income, $930 million in net income, $6.2 billion in assets, and -$1.5 billion in equity.

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