Technical Intern 2

BAE Systems Reston, VA
Looking to develop innovative software solutions for challenging real-world problems in entrepreneurial, collaborative, agile, multidisciplinary teams focused on advancing the state-of-the-art? You've found the right place!

BAE Systems is looking for a Technical Intern to join their Special Activity Exploitation (SAX) research group for the Summer of 2018. SAX is part of BAE Systems FAST Labs (TM), which is heavily involved in advanced research concepts primarily from the various government research labs and organizations, including DARPA and IARPA. Members of the group are involved in the entire cycle of research development, from the initial concept ideation and program shaping with potential customers and new business pursuits through the execution and transition of research concepts to BAE Systems' business areas and products. Most programs involve small teams of principal engineers and academically strong assistant researchers.

The SAX directorate is a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research and engineering organization that is the BAE Systems FAST Labs lead for invention and application of innovative machine learning, control, and optimization approaches to learn patterns of behavior from a wide range of data sources, including real-time sensor feeds. Exploitation uses of these behavioral models include anomaly and change detection, prediction of future behavior, and recognition of complex events and activities. Applications of our technology include terrestrial, maritime, and space domains over a range of sensing modalities (e.g., radar, full motion video, radio communication) spanning the technology readiness spectrum from basic research through fielded operational systems. Our cutting edge projects and opportunities advance the frontiers of science as well as contributing to practical systems that solve real problems.

As a successful engineering intern candidate, you will work on challenging problems in collaborative, dynamic, agile, and multidisciplinary project teams. You will be engaged in efforts applying advanced, adaptive, incremental learning, estimation, control, and/or optimization techniques to practical problems for which SAX's approaches and capabilities provide revolutionary, best-in-class solutions. You will work with (typically large amounts of) real data will enjoy the benefits of a rigorous, yet flexible, engineering methodology developed and maintained by experienced technical and organizational leaders.

You must be a team player with a proactive attitude and the capacity to be creative and productive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. You must have strong writing and general communication skills, and strong presentation skills are a definite plus.

U.S. citizenship is required.