Systems Engineer

Job Title: Systems Engineer
Duration: 6 months (with likely extension).
Location: Bethesda, MD 20817

Job Summary:
  • Reporting directly to the Sr. Director for Application Delivery, the Senior DevOps Engineer will be accountable for the delivery of application artifacts in a consistent manner to production.
  • This person will be responsible for architecting, designing, and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline that spans lower level and production environments. Some other names for this position are: DevOps Engineer, Process Engineer, Workflow Engineer, Systems Engineer, or Automation Engineer.
  • A strong candidate will have either a Development background that translated into Operations or an Operations Engineer who has Development experience. Knowledge of python, Java/Groovy, or some major language is a requirement. This person should understand thoroughly how code goes from code commit to production.
  • They should have a thorough understating on how to architect highly available infrastructure.
  • This person should have experience designing solutions from scratch. Knowledge of Linux Containers and iT Security is a plus.
  • This role will work with Enterprise Architecture, Security, Development and Operations teams to help design applications and services that are fully automated through a documented workflow.
  • The objective of this position is to facilitate, through automation, the Delivery of code to our customers.
  • 8+ years' experience with Linux ( RHEL, CentOS, Fedora ) including: user management, authentication and authorization ( LDAP, Kerberos, etc.. ), Disk Management ( Partitioning, backups, LVM, hardware and software RAID ), software build ( make, cmake, GNU autoconf and automake, gcc, libtool, RPM building a major plus ) , Network Interface Configuration ( Ethernet and Wireless ) , DNS/DHCP knowledge , Basic Knowledge of Networking Protocols, Switching and Routing, Understanding of SSL, Certificates, openSSH, openSSL libraries, Squid, etc..
  • +5 years experience scripting (Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, Groovy, etc)
  • +5 years experience writing code in a major programing language or framework like Python, Ruby, Java, RAILS, Play, etc.
  • +8 years experience with running web application servers such as Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Node, WebSphere
  • +8 years operational experience supporting a 99.99% availability environment
  • Experience with global load balancing and web content acceleration using Akamai.
  • Experience with APM tools like Dynatrace, New Relic, or App Dynamics
  • Jira administration experience (creating and managing workflows)
  • Excellent understanding of HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP and other web protocols.
  • Experience in Agile Methodology and Agile Engineering practices like TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment,
  • Experience in DevOps tools like GIT, JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, SonarQube and Artifactory.
  • Experience with running Docker or Linux Containers in a production environment.
  • Experience with a PaaS solution such as Red Hat Open Shift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Docker Data Center, or Blue Mix
  • Good knowledge of UI concepts and framework - jQuery, HTML5, Responsive Design, JavaScript Frameworks
  • Great communication skills and knows how to work effectively within a diverse team
  • Outstanding engineering talent proven by great work results and experience.
  • Operates effectively in a fast-paced, deadline driven, collaborative and iterative programming environment
  • Degree in Computer Science or another technical/engineering discipline
  • Self-motivated but does well in a team based environment. Strong initiative and enthusiasm.
  • Experience in core enterprise applications, application development tools.
  • Excellent understanding of change management and testing requirements, techniques, and tools.
  • Ability to create constructive relationships, influence, and communicate (to project team, IT management, and non-technical staff).
  • Ability to lead complex, cross-functional problem-solving initiatives.
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Ability to lead
  • Graduate degree in a technical/engineering discipline
  • Red Hat Open Shift or Docker Data Center experience
  • Issue/Bug Tracking/Wiki/Workflow admin experience with JIRA, Python Trac, Ruby Redmine, Perl Bugzilla, PHP Mediawiki, Confluence
  • DVCS/SCM admin experience with any of GIT, SVN. SVN, mercurial, Bitbucket, stash, work and branching strategies
  • Experience in waterfall and agile software methodologies
  • Technology leadership experience in an out-sourced environment
  • Developer turned Operations Engineer or Operations Engineer turned Developer
  • Ability to go through the workflow of code from code-commit to production.
  • Ability to diagram workflows and implement them in Jenkins.
  • One CI/CD project
  • Comfortable talking to Developers and Operations personnel. This position will require meetings.