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Happy July 4th: 3 Ways to Successfully Approach your Job Search



It’s easy for employers to get distracted this week and month. The country is gearing up to celebrate as July 4 rounds the corner, and as the weather is getting warmer, employers are off to take their summer vacations.

What does this mean for your job search?


If you’ve been in a long job search, I say take a little break on July 4 weekend.

Treat yourself to something nice and get your mind off of the job search. Sometimes it helps to step away from a project, and then come back when your mind is refreshed – This will help you see things in a newer perspective. Just as college students are advised to take a day away from their papers before coming back to proofread, your job search can also benefit from a new pair of eyes.

If you’re committed to working throughout the holidays, I suggest: Apply to the job as soon as you see it.

Once the job is posted, this is a clear sign to you that this employer is active, even when everyone else is on vacation. This can signal a need to fill a position as soon as possible.

Also, since this is the time of year where many people are taking a break, this means that there are less applicants to compete with, and you’re more likely to capture the attention of the recruiter.

If you’re going to any July 4 social gatherings, take this time to network.

The holidays always encourage people to throw parties and social gatherings for their friends. Treat these as a good time to meet new faces, and also as networking opportunities. You might not like to share that you’re unemployed, but you can frame it in a way that shows you are productively spending this time to explore a new opportunity, such as a career change.

Many jobs aren’t posted online, so the best way to hear about some opportunities is through word of mouth. Referrals are also a smart way to get your resume to the top of the pile, as employers are more likely to trust a candidate suggested by a current successful employer.

Regardless of how you approach your job search, make sure to enjoy the fireworks and warm weather!

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