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Common Job Search Questions Answered


What’s the best way to apply to a company? When should I follow-up after an interview?

If you’re job searching, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. Job search can be a confusing process to navigate and find your way through, but feeling this way is a common emotion of job seeking. While a job search is never easy, it can be made better with the right resources.

Let’s start by answering some fundamental job search questions. Lars Schmidt, Founder of Amplify Talent, provides tips from the hiring side of the process.

Find his answers to the following questions here: “Tips from the Hiring Side of the Office“.

1. What’s the best way to apply to a company?

2. What’s the best résumé format?

3. How damaging are grammatical errors?

4. Do keywords matter?

5. What’s the best cover letter format?

6. When should I follow up after an interview?

7. What’s the best way to learn about a company’s culture?

8. I was perfect for the job but didn’t get it. Why?

9. What’s a personal brand, and do I need to worry about it?


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