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Before You Accept Your Job Offer

1So you’ve just gotten a job offer – Congratulations! But there must be a reason why you’re reading this article. If there are some doubts on your mind and you want to figure out what to do before you possibly accept this job offer, worry not… let’s take a look at all the things you should consider before making a decision on a job offer.

The Written Offer

Do you have the offer in writing? If not, ask for a formal offer in writing. This way you can review the job title, salary, and benefits. If details on the offer look different from what was agreed upon in person or over the phone, do not hesitate to let the employer know and get it fixed.

Salary & Benefits

Perform a salary research using GlassDoor or PayScale to figure out if your salary is competitive. If you feel that you are being under-compensated, remember that the time you receive an offer is the time you have the most leverage in negotiating your offer. They want to hire you, so the ball is in your court to shape the offer in some way.

Benefits are just as important as your paycheck, so consider what benefits you’re being offered and how long it’d take before you will be eligible for these benefits.

Commuting & Environment

Factor in how the commute might be and keep in mind that rush hour traffic can lengthen the time it would take to get to work. Can you see yourself commuting to and from work with that length of commute time?

Furthermore, consider how you’d get along with your supervisor or boss. Did you feel comfortable and compatible? Many times, a supervisor can make or break a work experience, so if you hear stories of a strict management style, consider whether this is something you’d be willing to work with long-term. The people you work with can also determine how happy you are in this position. It might be hard to get a sense of how co-workers are during a short interview, but there are resources out there that exemplify the kind of company culture that exists. Reach out to a current employee via. LinkedIn and ask for their insider viewpoint of the company. Study how long employees stay within that company to figure out turnover rates.

It might also help to read the company’s social media channels, such as Facebook to get a vibe of their company culture.

The Long Run

Think about whether this position will help you advance your professional goals. Will it teach you new skills? Does it strengthen your strongest skills?

Furthermore, investigate the future of the industry and the job outlook. There are resources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics that give employment projections on fastest growing industries, along with industries that can expect to see decline. Imagine your life in this company and whether you can picture yourself in it.

Make sure you take the time to thoroughly figure out if you want this position. If you’re having doubts, then address all of them before rushing into accepting an offer because of time constraints.

Best of luck in your decision!


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