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Insider Q & A: Applico CEO Alex Moazed on Why “You Need Me, You Really Need Me” Doesn’t Work to Get Hired

June 21st, 2011

Alex Moazed is the founder of Applico, LLC.  A graduate of the Entrepreneurial Studies program at Babson College, Applico makes custom mobile apps for leading brands like GM, NBC, AT&T.Applico’s clients include large companies in the consumer vertical or through government and marketing agencies.

Applico is hiring across the board for engineering positions, project managers, and business development jobs. We sat down with Alex and talked to him about Applico, his hiring plans and how he views the hiring process.

You have 40 employees, but you’re hiring an average of three people a week, how does a candidate get your attention?

For us, when we are doing an initial review it’s primarily used to weed out candidates. You are going to do your initial resume scrub and look at relevant experience. As long as you have relevant experience, you make it through this screen.

I then follow-up personally with a casual call to each candidate. It’s straight forward what I am looking for. I am looking for people who can work in a fast-paced start-up environment and for people who can help it grow over the long term. We’re looking for people who are up for working in this environment. If I can find someone sharp who gets mobile, I will hire people I think can create value. The biggest asset we have is our team. When everyone feeds off one another, we start booming.

I evaluate and look at people everyday, so this is something I am constantly looking at.

What makes a great candidate beyond the tech skills?

If we’re looking for developers, the great candidates who are people who are passionate about their work and enjoy what they are doing. There are a lot of people in mobile who are excited about working in this space – about applying their programming skills in the day jobs as opposed to programming and creating applications in your off hours. It’s the people who are excited and passionate about it who make the best employees.

It’s not only about having the passion, it’s also about the drive. We don’t only look for people who want to pay the bills. We look for people who want to see those gains in their careers. They are driven, they work hard. And they want to meet their aggressive goals for themselves, and help us realize ours.

Do you have any “never do” tips for individuals in working with you?

Never get freaked out if you have a lot of work. We’re going to pile a lot of stuff on you. And we’re going to see how you handle it. If we give you ten tasks, and you know that you can do six of them…and you come back and say, “I have ten tasks and I can do six of them well…how do you want me to prioritize? That’s a good thing.” How you manage your work and how you delegate is important. It’s important to figure out what you need to do first.

Any bad assumption that you’ve seen job seekers make in applying for jobs with you?

The app industry is growing so quickly, there’s sometimes an assumption that “I have these skills, you need me.” Don’t make this assumption or come in with this attitude. We won’t overlook the things that appear detrimental – from attitude or other things in the mix. If there’s an “I know I’m good at this, you should take me” attitude, forget it. If you don’t have a good personality, we don’t care how good you are. You won’t get the job.

Are there any questions I haven’t asked that I should be asking? What’s the question, and what’s your answer?

Is it too late to try to break into mobile? Is it too late for me to pick up the technology?

There is so much room to fill in the industry here. If you want to get a job or start a business in the industry, take a look at it. There’s a lot of opportunity. If you’re interested in mobile, go ahead and explore it. There are huge growth opportunities.

Use it now—actionable—advice for job seekers:

If you want to win the job, you need to portray that you are passionate. Then the natural or optimistic assumption is “this person is going to work extremely hard.” Show that there are things you work really hard at – and I would do this at your company. 

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