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3 Highest Growth Jobs

Interested in exploring a career that’s shown high growth? Explore these three jobs with the largest estimated job growth between 2010 and 2020.


Registered Nurses83609683_5f769d49c7_n

What the Job is like: Registered Nurses care for patients and help restore their health through collaboration with physicians and team members. They also offer emotional support to patients and their family members.

Job Growth Potential: High growth for registered nurses is due to technological advancements, which increases our ability to treat more diseases. The aging population will also lead to an increase in demand for nurses.

How to Become One: Obtain a degree from an approved nursing program (bachelor’s, associate’s or diploma). Then become licensed by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). For those with a degree in a non-related field, they can obtain a master’s degree program in nursing to qualify for nursing roles.


Retail Salesperson

What the Job is like: Retail Salespersons work on selling retail merchandise to customers. They help customers locate products they need and explain the type of products they carry, along with answering general questions related to their merchandise. Once merchandise is selected, retail salespersons help carry out financial transactions.

Job Growth Potential: Growth for retail salesperson is attributed to high growth in general merchandise stores, such as warehouse clubs and supercenters, thereby, increasing employment opportunities for retail salespersons. Population growth also increases retail sales.

How to Become One: Most employers prefer a high school diploma or its equivalent. Generally employers look for candidates who exhibit strong customer service skills and salesmanship. On-the-job training is usually given.


Home Health Aides

What the Job is like: Home health aides help those who are physically and cognitively disabled, chronically ill and older adults. They provides services such as bathing and dressing, light house keeping, and planning their medical appointments.

Job Growth Potential: High growth for home health aides is due to the aging baby boom population. Reliance on home health aides will increase as a more affordable alternative to nursing homes. Furthermore, some people prefer being cared for in the familiarity of their homes.

How to Become One: No educational requirements are needed, but most home health aides have a high school diploma. Those working in certified home health agencies require formal training and passing a standardized test.



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