Unemployment Reporting

Unemployment Reporting
Unemployed and stressed about work search?

The Facts:


  • State law requires people collecting unemployment benefits to keep a record of their weekly work search.*
  • 1 in 4 people collecting unemployment have their work search records audited**
  • Inaccurate & unclear reports put your benefits at risk.
  • Don't risk your benefits. Organize your work search today.

Unemployment Work Search Requirement

Are you receiving state unemployment benefits? If the answer is yes, you are likely required to engage in an active weekly work search and keep a record of your work search activities. If you are looking for details on unemployment benefits in state we recommend you visit your state unemployment website.

Weekly Work Search Records: Required by Law

Keeping a weekly work search record is an important part of maintaining your eligibility for unemployment benefits. If you are asked by your state unemployment office to provide a work search record, and you do not have an accurate one, the penalties can be serious. It is important to be able to provide a verifiable work search record if your unemployment benefit claims are audited.

1 in 4 Claimants have their Work Search Record Audited

One in four claimants report having their work search record audited by the state unemployment agency. If you cannot present an accurate and clear work search record, your benefits are at risk. All 50 US states requires you to engage in an active weekly work search to remain eligible for unemployment benefits. If you cannot prove that you are doing this you are in danger of losing your benefits.

Improves the Outcome of your Job Search

Most job seekers say that the work search record they kept while on unemployment helped them to stay organized in their job search. In fact, 85% of previously unemployed StartWire users report that they feel staying organized improved the outcomes of their job search.
That's a great benefit, but sometimes keeping this record while unemployed can be tedious. You may not always remember to write down the details of each application you send, and have a difficult time tracking down the information later. In any case, most job seekers would like to save time organizing their work search and spend more time finding jobs.

Automating Your Work Search Report

StartWire's Unemployment Work Search Report organizer is a great tool for job seekers looking to spend less time record keeping and more time job searching. Apply to jobs anywhere – online or offline – and then add your applications to your StartWire account. You can add offline applications manually, and online applications by forwarding confirmation emails to apps@startwire.com.
At the end of a week of job searching, you can go to the History tab in your StartWire account and create a report of your work search. A standard set of fields is provided. When you download your work search report to Excel you will be able to customize it to meet any specific requirements given to you by the state unemployment agency.
It is important for you to make sure that you are maintaining your work search report in compliance with your state guidelines. For more information on your state's unemployment benefits visit your state unemployment website.
*Some claimants may be exempt from the work search requirement. Please check with your unemployment office to determine your personal requirements.
**Numbers based on a national survey of StartWire users.

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