Patient Navigator, #51712

St. Barnabas Health Care System Newark, NJ

The Patient Navigator is responsible for: engaging eligible patients, providing patient education sessions; documenting services to patient in the electronic health record and updating the patient care plan; connecting patients to services (care coordination); accompanying patients to appointments; providing reminder phone calls; arranging transportation; assisting with medication and adherence support; assisting with child care (where applicable); explaining information from medical providers; developing a patient care plan to help them achieve the patients goals; transitioning patients to standard of care; and assist patients with making and keeping referrals, etc.


Patient navigators in the Enhanced Patient Navigation for HIV-Positive Women of Color intervention will have a bachelors (or equivalent) level of education, training in a related social service or human service field, and experience working in the community and with patients with co-morbid conditions

Other Information:

NBIMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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