Counselor Residential Treatment

Associated Catholic Charities Baltimore, MD

SUMMARY: The Residential Treatment Counselor will be responsible for the supervision of children in an apartment style unit of a Residential Treatment Center serving children ages 5-13 with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. The Residential Treatment Counselor supervises and helps children with all daily living activities, implements the Behavioral Treatment System and Individual Treatment Plans, provides Crisis Intervention, and in general controls and maintains the therapeutic structure and organization of the unit. JOB DUTIES / RESPONSIBILITIES: • Supervises and assists children in all daily living activities to ensure the physical care and emotional nurturance of the children and to ensure a safe and protected environment. Depending on the shift, daily tasks include wake-up and bedtime routines, personal hygiene, dressing, meals, recreational activities, homework, etc. Serves as a positive role model for children while engaging them in various activities in a manner that teaches and reinforces respect, responsibility, and age appropriate interpersonal interactions and behaviors. Maintains discipline by implementing behavioral reinforcements and consequences according to the resident's Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). Escorts children within and between buildings and to and from various appointments to ensure adequate supervision of children at all times. Includes driving children for appointments, field trips, etc. • Exercises clinical judgment to maintain the order and structure of the therapeutic milieu within the unit. Recognizes and responds to the individual needs and abilities of children in relation to interactions and activities. Uses therapeutic communication with residents based on diagnosis, age, developmental level and patient's strengths and weaknesses. Accurately assesses behavior, affect, mood, and content of verbal and non-verbal communication and reacts accordingly, adjusting schedules, routines, and activities as necessary. Makes recommendations regarding changes to ITPs based on clinical observations. • Maintains unit documentation. Maintains Behavior Management documentation by completing point sheets in prescribed time limits, calculating daily behavior management levels, calculating monthly goal percentages, and completing behavior logs to ensure that children are treated fairly and that the Behavior Management System is implemented consistently. Completes unit logs and individual charts to ensure adequate communication of information to unit staff. Completes and submits incidence reports on a timely basis. • Provides crisis intervention including recognizing and deescalating problem situations by separating children involved and/or talking to children to assess nature of problem and provide resolution, initiating time-out when necessary, and initiating therapeutic holds when necessary to ensure the safety of all children and to maintain the therapeutic structure and organization of the setting. Requests support as necessary. Provides Crisis Intervention Assistance to other units/areas as necessary. • Collaborates with team and unit members to develop Individual Treatment Plans and unit programs and activities. Contacts teachers, therapists, and unit staff to effectively communicate information regarding children's progress or problems in the residence. Communicates with families to facilitate transitions for visits. • Performs related duties including but not limited to: reviews charts on incoming children, plans activities for free periods, decorates unit to maintain a pleasant and stimulating environment, purchases clothing, attends team and unit department meetings, may serve on committees for specific activities or events, and may serve on Quality Management committees. • Provides surf group meetings, daily, weekly, as needed • RTC II & III- Oversees the units allowances and assists with the budget. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS / REQUIREMENTS: Level I- Bachelors' degree in Psychology or related field and experience in a residential setting with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents preferred. Level II- Bachelors' degree in Psychology or related field and 12 months experience in a residential setting with emotionally disturbed children and adolescent. Level III- Bachelors' degree in Psychology or related field and 2 years' experience in a residential setting with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. Working Conditions/Physical Requirements: • Ability to walk and stand up to 85% of the time and mobility throughout the Residence. • Physical ability to intervene and restrain children ages 5-13 in crisis situations including the ability to run and transport children to another location. • The Residential Counselor may be exposed to a wide range of negative behavior including significant physical aggression SKILLS / COMPETENCIES: • Effective childcare skills including nurturing, patience, consistency, and ability to apply effective discipline and behavior management techniques. • Capacity to relate to severely emotionally disabled children in a sensitive, understanding, and insightful manner. • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in contacts with teachers, families, unit staff, and therapists. • Ability to accurately assess and document information for logs, incident reports, and Behavior Management documents. • Demonstrate active listening skills in contacts with staff and children. • Assess problem situations and apply the most effective yet least restrictive intervention within established therapeutic goals. • Respond quickly and supportively with therapeutic judgment to crisis situations. • Ability to function as member of a therapeutic treatment team. • Knowledge of St. Vincent's Villa childcare policies and procedures related to childcare and crisis intervention. • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and database management. CATHOLIC CHARITIES COMMITMENTS: The responsibilities of this position must be consistently performed using the following behaviors: 1. Honor and respect the Dignity of every person. 2. Encounter each person with Compassion. 3. Act with Humility. 4. Reach out to others in a spirit of Collaboration. 5. Serve with Excellence. 6. Act with Integrity in everything you do.

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